Acid on Digitone


Hey guys, I have trouble creating acid leads or bass on the digitone. Could someone point me in the right direction please?

I am starting with a classic saw and then I adjust the filter but it never really sounds interesting… I also live recorded sweeping the filter, resonance and envelope, and then it sounds already a bit more like it. Is this the right way to go?

I would love some tips or ideas, thank you!


Experiment with LFOs on the filter resonance and envelope on the 2 pole filter, I might be wrong, but I find that one a bit more squelchy and acid than the 4 pole.
Using one of the LFOs as a pitch envelope can give you the illusion of a bit of slide between notes if done carefully.
A lot of it comes down to ratios and the levels of the operators. Again, this comes down to experimenting but I find keeping things simple (simple ratios, not too aggressive with the levels of ops) helps toward the acid sound. You want the filter doing most of the work, as it’s the filter that gives you the acid, less so the operators.

Found this on YouTube, haven’t watched it though, so don’t know if it’s any good.


I gave it a little try after I read your post. I’m not an acid expert, so I don’t know if this is even close to what you want :slight_smile:
Difficult without the portamento, have to try it with Lfo’s.
I accidently parameter locked the filter on the high note, so it sounds a bit strange in places.

I think the 2 pole filter works much better. And I didn’t use only the saw wave but also a bit 2 operator fm and little feedback on the modulator. Also a bit drive on the AMP Page.


Says error on playback


Yeah seems not work to put it in here directly.
I’m sure others, that really know the 303, can come much closer


Dropbox link works for me.

Sounds good!


The link works. When I copied the link directly into my post, there was a soundplayer showing up, but you couldn’t play it. So I put it here as hyperlink.


It gets surprisingly close to the goal of the sound. Even without slides, and having to fuss with p-locked LFO fades, Digitone can “git r done!”

I’m consistently amazed by this synth. The fm/additive/subtractive combination can go so many places.


Me too. It’s actually my favorite synth, that I tried so far.


Thanks for all the tips. I will test them out now! :slight_smile:
@ Unifono, I really like your try.


I can give you the patch if you want.


Use operator 8. if you set the MIX entirely to Y you only get the one B operator at the out. I have the ratio set to 1/.50, and the harmonic set to a saw type was. give it just a kiss of feedback (e.g. 6-14). on the filter set a 2 pole LPF, no attack, and a short decay on the filter envelope, cutoff frequency at 0, resonance to taste, and crank the envelope depth. that should give you a good starting point of a 303 sound on the DN. I’ve had a blast with this patch and some breakbeats.


I would also say some minuet LFO set to the pitch of the operators to give it that 303 pitch bend. and maybe one to add some movement on that feedback.


That would be very kind of you! I made a pretty okayish sounding patch just now, but I am always happy for more.


Thanks for the explanation, will try it out later!


Holly shit dude, that’s well acid!
Nice work.


A late reader but as a new Digitone owner I’m digging through the forum for info. Thank you @Fin25 for the link to youtube. Nice creative use of the LFO that gave me some other ideas :slight_smile:


I think I read this thread first time around when I didn’t have a digitone and so big thanks for bumping it and reminding to go try out these various techniques!!


Sure it acids


There’s no audio file, the player don’t work … I am so intrigued lol