Ableton Live 11

This one should be great with a joystick…

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Is there any way to have the time grid showing the beats when i’m in 9/4 or any other odd time signature?

huh? pretty sure I was on Silicon version from the beginning and LFO was working, anyone else updated to 11.3.13 and seeing this on their M machines?


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Weird. Check if you have Pack updates available ?

New official complaints thread here:


it’s part of the core since 11 I believe, and yes it’s super weird… I think maybe in 11.3.13 the Max version changed, maybe that’s the reason, either way, LFO is not working at the moment…

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This free rack will simplify my workflow so much :pray:


Really liked his video, and the guy in general.


Yeah same here, he posts some really valuable content

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He always offers practical and helpful lessons and demos.

New to Ableton Live and trying to get the hang of the basics. Initially I could set the Arranger view so that it started at an arbitrary point when pressing Space, but halfway in something happened and now it always start playback from the beginning of the song. How do I set it so that it plays from whichever point I click at before playing?

Another question, Ctrl+L seems to (sometimes, not always, not sure why!) toggle the Loop function on/off, but is there a shortcut to start playback from the start of that loop?

You should just have to click on the spot in the arranger (maybe double click?) and it should play from that spot.

It’s all muscle memory to me, I’m not home but I’ll try to get home for lunch and give it a shot.

Now that you mention muscle memory… I think the thing that actually took me the longest to get used to in Ableton’s arranger is the different functionality you get from clicking in different vertical regions of the timeline. I don’t think I could tell you off the top of my head what those regions are or what they do; it’s basically all muscle memory!

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That works to play from there but as soon as I hit Space to stop and then Space again to play, it starts from 1.1.0 again. Super annoying.

It’s either shift or cmd/ctrl + space to play where you left off I think.

At the top of the bar you can also click to add the start arrow:


Anybody let into the beta yet?

Thought there’d be some interest for this here…

The new video where Hollow Ground Productions breaks down production techniques of Max Cooper is great. Really nice to see Output’s Portal featured throughout.

How to Make Music Like Max Cooper

Does anybody know where the ‘Rotating Rhythm Generator’ is in Live 11 Suite? I don’t see it under MIDI Effects or anywhere else.