Ableton live 10

Believe me- I’ve looked at thing, thought about that thing- but I don’t think it will solve my needs. In order for that thing to work, it would have to automap itself to whatever the active channel is- I’m not aiming to perform with it- I’m aiming to use it for all of my sound design and there hasn’t been much evidence to suggest that this could do this- but if it could! Oh man!


I’ll eventually take the plunge myself some day, but updating a custom mac tower may need some hard geek work that I don’t feel brave enough doing right now ah ah!

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I used the pre-order offer, to get a relatively cheap update to Suite, for Max4Live etc.

will upgrade only when they implement MPE

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I got a free license for Studio One Pro from a Presonus rep a few years back when I worked at a music equipment repair shop in Colorado. He was convinced I’d convert from Cubase. I like it but the built in FX aren’t as nice (maybe they’ve gotten better). Regardless I haven’t used my computer for music for a couple of years now. I’ll give it a try again when it comes to recording/mixdown time.

Even when I started to use Live more often during the creation process I’d always export to Cubase for mixing. Just don’t have time these days to dig into learning new software. Already have a Digitone to learn starting Thursday :wink:


i’ve been playing about in bitwig lately and really really love the workflow.

the Live 10 update has some nice workflow enhancements like naming I/O, but i think i may end my updates at Live 9 (i also purchased M4L about a year ago) and jump ship to bitwig for most of my daw duties.

many of Live’s updates seem to cater to ITB users, and since my daw is primarily an audio editing/arranging tool, i don’t see many of Live’s updates benefiting me.

any other bitwig users? -> bitwig thread


That’s what I do for the most part… come up with ideas, bits and pieces in Ableton for a rough arrangement, then export things over to Studio One for final arrangement and mix. I agree, it’s way better for how I think and operate in that regard. I’m also trying Cubase again since that’s where I started back in 1997-2004, but S1 very quick and just flows for me.

Be advised that Presonus typically do 50% off sales twice a year, so I’d expect one either in February or July coming up. Also look for cross grade offers. I bought my license 2nd hand (more than 50% off) by asking in the Facebook S1 users group to see if anyone was selling. Some of those guys already have a Pro license, then buy a Presonus mixer and wind up with a 2nd license they’ll unload. KVR usually has copies for their sale in their buy/sell forum too.

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Yeah, I am getting a good price for the crossgrade.
I am undecided what to do with push now, I used it 75% for mixing and made most my music otb. So now seems push might be obsolete. Unless I decide I don’t like my mpc, which might be the case, I’m not sold on it quite yet although I do like how simple it can be.

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Yeah I decided to move because Live Suite + Push 2 is way too much expensive now… And as I don’t use Ableton Live in Live Performance… What Bitwig as to offer for the price is just absolutely fine :slight_smile:

I think they should make a Ableton Live standard + All instruments (with no sounds packs)
( + Analog, Collision, Electric, Operator, Sampler & Tension) at a good price that would change things.


New Elektron user here :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if Ableton made a smaller control device using the screen of the Push 2, which is big and pricey!

I’ll update to Live 10 for whatever improvements it has to offer ( after a couple of months to ensure compatibility)…the M4L intergration has to be a good thing … but would be nice if the m4l plugins offered their controls to Live for mapping or showing/hiding on Push’s screen like the VST plugins do (with the "configure " button)…

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I had tried bitwig for maybe a week when 2.0 was released and was pretty disappointed. At the time I was using a couple expert sleeper es-8 modules and reaktor blocks to interface between the DAW and Eurorack. That “sandbox” idea where if a plugin crashed the rest of the project would remain working didn’t go too well for me. I kept experiencing crashes of the sound engine itself which would result in me having to restart the sound engine. This wasn’t as “bad” as the program crashing entirely, but did present a situation where the reset of the project would not continue playing. I guess I had been thinking the sandbox feature would be really beneficial for live performances. Support was not very helpful in that week, possibly extremely busy due to the new release, but after it was all said and done I ended up getting a refund for the software.

I dig pretty heavily into M4L and I’m studying Max so Ableton gets a huge plus on that side of things (mostly because I have sutie so I can snag a full version of Max at a discount when I reach that point).

@AlexCase you can map controls in max devices fairly easy. open max editor, click view, then parameters. It would be nice if they were already mapped, but the power of max is the ability to edit and do whatever you can imagine :smiley:

Thanks! It all looks a bit much for me in the Max Parameters. Having to deal with a scripting language and a complex GUI with tiny fonts (I mean Max) is s a big minus in my books… mapping operations like this are so much easier in Maschine…
I have successfully renamed some controls on a simple M4L device but cannot figure out how to hide them from Push without somehow crippling the plugin. Several useful MIDI control M4L free plugins I tried were not optimised for Push and they showed various unneeded objects in Push, cluttering up the display… One of them was somehow locked and I could not edit it in Max at all.

“I’m getting to feel a bit like a google bot.

i will start PMing you rather than my google questions!

which device was locked? I’d be interested in examining it to see how it was done. I’ve only heard of people wrapping core code in a max external, or doing annoying things like stacking all the objects on top of each other so it’s a HUGE undertaking to organize them in a way so that you can dissect them.

This one:

It would be very handy if only the 8 knobs showed in Push and if I could rename the knobs…
For some reason I cannot edit in Max. When I select an object I cannot change any of its properties like I can with other devices. It’s probably not really locked… but Max is too complex for me.
EDIT: I see the plugin developer has improved the Push integration with an update… so it is not the same version of the plugin that I tried. Still, it would be good to know how to hide those other objects form Push completely.

All this hassle because Live’s built-in way of doing this seems badly implemented and does not work smoothly (parameters seem to choke when turning a knob unless you go reaally slow)

S1 was made by some of the Cubase guys who jumped ship so it’s pretty easy to pick up if you’re used to Cubase.

As much as I like Bitwig, the thought of using a DAW without an integrated hardware controller just turns me off completely. Push (and Maschine) is the attraction to Ableton for me. I know you can make Push work with Bitwig or use other controllers but nothing is as seamless.

As for Live 10. Still preordered though havent touched the beta in ages. Was planning a complete fresh install in any case to keep things clean on the laptop and this gave me some time to work with Maschine which was fun. Really hoping NI are on the ball and get their Kontrol templates ready for Live 10 asap. That will probably suck me back into Live at the expense of Maschine.


New wavetable synth looks and sounds awesome.
Lots of Serum influences


Ableton team should focus on workflow enhancement and effects. That’s what a DAW should mostly provide. I would prefer if they cut the price and stop giving us new instruments, which people don’t really need.

I mean wavetable synths have been around for a while with Massive and Serum.

Users have been asking for major improvements in the mixing workflow, arrangement view (comps), and the piano roll. I don’t know why they waste their time on a new wavetable synth. What have they’ve been doing these past 5 years ?


Every daw has pros and cons.
Haven’t tried Live 10 yet, don’t feel the need just yet as happy with live 9 suite.
Serum cost nearly $200 and the wavetable synth looks similar so pretty sweet add on I reckon. If I didn’t have Serum I would be pretty keen to upgrade to Live 10 for this synth alone.

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