A4 MK2 OS upgrade Win 10 64 bit

First post …brand new to A4 MK2 and synth hardware.
Some IT experience in the past…
Just bought the A4 MK2 and noticed that I had to reload the presets because they disappeared somehow.
I figured that it might be a glitch so I decided to upgrade to OS 1.40 via USB.
Downloaded Overbridge thinking there’d be a utility to upgrade firmware. Ooops !
Found C6 download but it didn’t connect to the A4.
Found a windows app “Midi Sysex transfer utility” in the Microsoft App store and it connected to the A4 fine.
I mistakenly had it in Overbridge mode on the first transfer attempt and it transferred 100% but remained stuck in “Receiving”.
Cancelled upgrade via “No” button and switched USB config to USB Midi instead of Overbridge.
Transferred again and it worked seamlessly.
Required a manual restart.

So you got it working ok?
C6 is working for me on windows 10.
Sometimes I’ve noticed i have had to close it and restart it again though.

I’ve had mine about 4 -5 months really happy with it,
I Recommend checking out the free presets at elektron website and spending some time re organising them how you want them…

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