A4 Mk2 + AR Mk2 Audio routing

I found this topic : Setting up Analog rytm with Analog four together
It says that better way is send audio data from AR to A4 to “Ext in” then go to FX track and adjust volume to left and right channels.
I did it and have two problems:

  1. The sound of AR is overloaded, like overdrive
  2. Sound of A4 is clipped and terrible

Also I’v tried to change direction and send audio from A4 to AR and it is much better but still I can hear dirt and overloadings.

So, what to do? :slight_smile:

I can connect them both to my mixer, but then I don’t have option to adjust some effects which can be nice for lives.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Have you tried this at lower levels?

Yes, it is better when levels on FX track is lower… but will I loose any audio “data” from AR in this case? I prefer to put everything to max…

As I see it is better don’t use the FX channels.

I dont know why it is better to route AR to A4… if i do the contrary what happen?

Sounds like a gain-staging issue. Turn down the output of the AR and you should be able to run the A4 effects channel at a higher gain. If that doesn’t work try other ratios of volumes throughout the signal chain - make sure nothing is running too hot early on.

The only benefit to running the AR through the A4 is that there is a larger assortment of effects. The AR only has a compressor effecting the input.

AR into A4: you can set the level of the incoming signal, with separate L and R settings, plus you can add chorus, delay and reverb to the L/R signals, and you can p-lock all the aforementioned settings in your sequence

A4 into AR: no signal level settings, incoming signal only goes through the AR compressor


Ok, now I get why the sound from A4 changes when I send it to AR, because AR has comp on FX track by default mix level is 64.

About effects on A4, I found it is difficult to change it for left and right channels in the same time.

Anyway, many thanks for the answers!

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