Setting up Analog rytm with Analog four together


As an absolute noob here… But a longish… Time lurker
I would like to thank this community for all the great info it provides.

I’ve had the Rytm a while now love it and feel pretty comfortable with it. Now I have just got hold of an Analog four! Awesome now I can now make a duo with the Rytm.

My question is could somebody explain exactly how
To link them together, and what internal settings I should use?
Does the Rytm run through the keys? Or the other way around?
Does the combined sound come out through just one of the machines outputs or both?

Can’t wait to get these 2 jammimg together.

Thanks a lot for any help!



Assuming you are not using OB, the RYTM should run through the external inputs of the A4/Keys. Then in the FX track of the A4/Keys you turn up the volume on both the left and right channels (think this is on the OSC 1 page, but have neither machine in front of me).

Then I would run a MIDI cable from the MIDI out of the RYTM to the MIDI in of the A4/Keys and in MIDI sync of each machine set them up to send/receive clock/transport… Then press play on the RYTM and the A4/Keys will start too.


I don’t think there’s a better solution than acquiring a small mixer, even just a small line mixer without eq or mic pre-amps, even though those can be found very very cheap.

The problem with the above solution is that all the kits would have to be set up the same way (wrt Ext ins) if you were using pattern changes between both
Secondly, the AR inputs would force you to use the same compressor settings for internal and external
A little mixer would be a good investment and allows easy expansion and caters for other inputs … All of these are 100eur or less

I think i’d make AR the master clock and transport


I’m curious on why. Is there a reasoning? Or just a personal preference?

Good explanation. Working!

Just on the basis that a drum machine seems like a better candidate to give ‘priority’ on clock (first hand clock) to, to be honest, I don’t connect them up especially rigorously either way, but that would be my starting point, no other logic :okej:

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@ avantronica

Yeah thanks, I’m going to be getting a mixer pretty
Soon to use a couple of outboard effects…
Although I’m holding out until we all know what the heck the new ELektron devic will be just in case they make exactly what I need! Dam teasers…

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Thanks @avantronica!

Got it. :thup:

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Why AR into A4 if you don’t mind me asking?

Especially since if you were to do A4 into AR you could us AR’s compression to ‘glue’ your synths and drums nicely. Plus AR has reverb and delay in it so you’re not gaining any effects running it through the A4.

As far as OPs question. I’d just run clock from AR into A4 (midi out of AR into midi in of A4), then go into settings or AR and make sure you’re sending local control only from ARs pads and buttons so you’re not setting the A4 weird midi messages. Make sure AR is set to send clock and A4 is set to recieve it. That AR is set to send transport controls and A4 is set to receive it. And if you want to get real fancy set the AR to send program changes and the A4 to recive them. That way when you change patterns on one it will change in both. Sorry I’m not using exact terms or step by step instructions I don’t have my machines in front of me but all these settings can be found under the settings of each machine.

If you’re still having trouble with it or have any questions just tag me and I’d be happy to give you a walk through.

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