A4/AK Mk1 prices going down?


With all this talk I’m checking out a minty A4 mk1 in the morning. It might pair nicely with my new dfam and my small percussion modular setup.
The A4 mk1 was my first Elektron and I still miss it.


Soooo, recently I picked up a 0-coast, which I am absolutely loving, especially sequencing the MIDI B CV/Gate options with my DT. And of course now I am thinking “wouldn’t it be great to have a Mother-32 to pair it with – it has a sequencer and its patchbay which would be awesome with the 0-coast, and I could potentially get a DFAM later on” But reading this thread I’m kinda thinking about a mk1 A4 again, with CV/gate it could also expand patching possibilities on the 0-coast, and potentially mean not wanting a DFAM, either. Hmm, decisions :thinking:


it can :wink: it even has more envelopes and lfo’s available than the mother. And p-locks.
You can use the DT for midi sequencing and the A4 for modulation and/or gates. Plus analog drums. (or, as a sidenote, 4 monosynths or a polysynth :wink: )
At about the price of one of those moogs.
And if you use the modulators from the mother for the 0-coast, you loose it for the mother itself and vice versa.
Still a great combination


ohm that´s a good point with the A4 vs. Dfam! I´m asking myself … well, can I do anything with the Dfam that the A4 can´t do? Yes, its the oscilator fming each other … but beside that? and soundwise?
Isn´t the A4 the better Dfam (x 4) anyway? :smiley:


I got mine for 3x more of the price today when I got my A4 MK1 last year… Oops :zipper_mouth_face:


Found this on youtube. No serious comparison at all, but still a nice example of A4 drums.


Brief druma demo I made a few years back:


still my go to drum presets.


In all ways but three - the DFAM makes sounds the A4 cannot, the silly limited sequencer has a character all of its own, and it’s handsome as hell.


Hmm, maybe my next purchase then :thup: I really do want a sound design-y drum machine – I’ve actually been looking for a Nord Drum 2, but seeing as they hardly ever come up for sale, an A4 might just fit the bill and be a great option to work with the 0-coast and also fit well with my other synths…


Have in mind that a little bit of eq and/or comp might be needed to make the a4 shine as a drum machine. That’s my humble opinion


so maybe A4 as a analog drum maschine and dfam as analog complex oscilator … driven by the A4 :smiley:


I also See MK2 go for little as 850€…

I bite myself for letting my MK1 go…but otoh i wouldnt have a MK2 now…


Yes, just checked today again. ± EUR650 in Germany for a A4Mk1.

Also an OTMk1 for EUR720!


crazy. The OT cheaper than a new DT.


long live the gas and consumer mentality in ‘music’ ‘making’ ‘community’


I’m looking forward to the speedy release of a Digitone Mk2 so I can buy a Mk1!


oooufffff… drums on the A4 are the best from the Elektrons and overall very good sounding but thats a big statement.

I think the Tanzbar sounds better, so does the Alpha Base, and the Tempest is banging too but people dont give it enough credit because they dont really understand/know synthesis.

For its versatility, sequencer, easy of use and fantastic sounding drums, the A4 MKI is a keeper - especially at this price


Yes,on the other hand … if nobody gets hurt by it there is no real problem.
Music changes, personal goals change,… life changes.
Still have my first guitar! :smiley:


ooof tempts me to sell my DT and grab one , yes yes i know i should keep the digi and grab one to go along side of her but but …