A4/AK Mk1 prices going down?

Hi all,

Is this just me or are A4 prices Mk1 going down quite a bit since Mk2 was introduced?
I saw a couple going for just 500 on eBay recently, or is that just a normal price?


Yup, I saw one go for ~$700AU on ebay the other day. So tempting…

Indeed! :smiley:

A steal

Well worth it at that price!

Be sure they offer payment via paypal.

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I’ve been wondering if prices would steady if people prefer the smaller format of the Mk1’s for performances, racking, etc.

Guess not!

They’ve dropped quite severely here in Sweden, as in some people more anxious to lose them. The ones that go for the regular second hand price tag, as in what it was before the MKII, move slower. But they still find a buyer.

I had a go at the MKI the other day, one of my friends still have one. Having had the MKII for a few months, I actually realised I preferred the MKI over the MKII. Now that I was familiar with how the A4 worked, the smaller form factor was just more appealing. I also kind of liked the subtle, but still there, difference in sound. The A4MKI has a slightly fragile touch to its more delicate frequencies that I like.

The MKII is great in all ways, and it thunders in a way I could never get the A4MKI to do - but I also have no trouble in general to find the thunder in synths that are rigged to do so. Whereas the more dreamy and delicate sounds are harder to find.

Given that the A4 over here goes for the same price as a Moog Mother 32 or DFAM now, the argument where functionality goes before form is just devastating, in favour of the A4.


Second hand A4 mk1 is probably best value for the money synth that exists


I was somewhat bothered by the sound when I got it a few years ago, but then noticed exactly that.
I have many other tools to make “fat” sounds, but anything that sounds as the a4mki. If i want more fatness I use eq, but I usually find the mid scope it has excellent for more “acoustic” or “organic” sounds


I prefer the A4 mkI form factor personally too, I think for the Rytm mkII the larger pads are probably better, and the sampling, CV ins and performance knob make the mkII Rytm a more attractive upgrade prospect, but for the A4 I never really had a problem with the mkI sound, don’t feel the need for CV ins as it has more modulation options than Rytm, and I think that the extra buttons and knobs don’t make the mkII worth double the cost of a used mkI.

I did get a mkII OT but won’t bother upgrading my Rytm or A4.


Having not seen both Mk1 & Mk2 side by side, is the Mk1 much smaller (which for me is a plus!). I can’t find the dimensions online.
Is it same footprint as a Machinedrum?

It’s substantially smaller, I’d say, as well as flat, whereas the MKII is tilted.

They both have their perks. The MKII is more of a pilot’s dashboard, you move around with wider gestures and have more single button features (or close to). It’s definitely more hands on.

The MKI is more like a computer. Tighter, lots of typing, switching and shifting being done to get there. It’s easier to carry around, find a place for and store.

However, there’s something to be said for Elektron’s MKI interfaces. Once you learn them, it does feel like typing on a keyboard - it just flows. So while the MKII upgrades are great in many ways, I found in time that they didn’t add anything once you’d learned the instrument, since once you’d learned the MKI’s as well, they weren’t difficult to work with.

Compare to another fiddly, keyboard-kindof-sized machine, the Tanzbär. It’s a lovely piece of kit. But the interface makes no goddamn sense. Every time I went back to it, I had to re-learn. But Elektron’s stuff attach to muscle memory, in time.


indeed. I have a friend ripped of from ebay when buying an octatrack. really sucks. and ebay doesn’t do anything about it, which is ridiculous considering their margin.

Yes. That sought-after low end thunder, it’s weird that people chase after it to such extent, and measure so many synths by this frequency. But it’s like the 808 kick - it’s everywhere. Like a proper low end bass sound, you’ll find it in an instant with the right instrument or just dig into the proper sample library. It’s not something to try and achieve, cause it’s all over the place, everywhere. I don’t see why this is the holy grail, since it exists in such an abundance, is so easy to find.

It’s more interesting to measure a synth by what it does that no other synth can do. I wouldn’t say the A4 drips with character, but it does excel at those trickier-to-find ambient textures, snappy drops and drips, and let’s not forget the glorious analog drums it can make. There is no analogue drummer with a sequencer out there that makes better drums than the A4. Including the Rytm :slight_smile:


I agree the drums on A4 are superb.


And not only because how they sound, but how well they respond to the Elektron sequencer. So when in motion, they are a lot more than just their singular sounds, one by one, not to mention when you go for sound locks in one track.

Only drummer I’ve used that’s equally alive when it comes to just the motion and organics for drums, is the recent Moog DFAM. The Rytm don’t come close, though it has other great things going for it. The Tanzbär is more stiff, and for its purpose, that works great. And the Tempest is a lot funkier and louder, but loses a lot in not being so subtle, which is also fine - if you’re called the Tempest, you’re not supposed to be subtle :slight_smile:

At some point, I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with the Moog DFAM as far as exhausting it with sampled loops, one shots and whatnot. It’ll be awhile, but I’ll get there eventually. Then, I’m going to eye the A4 again for drums and percussion, if nothing else has appeared that can compete with it.

Honestly, I doubt it.


happened to me with the rytm mk1



Also agree on the drums. Just excellent.
Since some months I use the A4 as poly- and lead synth in a Band. My friend takes care of the Bass with his Sub37 and I play at higher registers. It works perfectly in this band context, my love for it has grown even more. I always find a place in the song where it fits perfectly, I mostly play lush pads and poly sounds.
And if I have to do the bass job, no problem. The sub37 sounds great and powerful but the A4 doesn’t have to hide. And if we need some analog drums to accompany our drummer. Guess who jumps in :slight_smile:

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