A4/AK Mk1 prices going down?


A4 MK1 is my go to synth/drum machine to start a song. So much joy and inspiration from this machine.


If you like weird stuff and sound design it can be a really good trade.
If you make hip hop, techno or dance music maybe digitakt is better ( better in the sense of more straightforward )


In other words, are you more kinky or vanilla? :stuck_out_tongue:


A4 MK 1 will go even further down, I see them advertised many places and there is just no or very little demand for them. Octa MK 1 seems to have strong demand even though price is going down aswell.
Rytm MK 1 seems to be priced a little too high by sellers at the moment.


Spot on. Exactly what my mental spreadsheet shows on mk1 trading.


Agree I love my MKII A4 if I am going to need just one grab and go synth that I can use to crank out a jam session with no other gear. I gave mine a test run recently and it performed flawlessly cutting through the mix of other powerful synths and drum machines. That said, I do much prefer the smaller form factor of the MKI and have considered returning my A4 MKII and getting a used MKI for the small form factor. No one has yet made a decent tilt case that holds both the MKII models for OT and A4 that I am aware of and it would be nice to have that case to make playing more comfortable.


HipHop and Vanilla…:smile:


Analogue keys just went for under £400 on eBay …


This is funny, way back when the mk2 was announced there was a thread about it, and I think I was the only one claiming the mk1 pricing would crash and burn. Everyone saying prices will actually go up. Couldn’t understand the logic at all.
Some people were even claiming they would buy a few new mk1’s as some sort of investment. It was weird :loopy:
Have to drag that old thread out for a laugh


Thats just wrong. I recently thought about picking one up, because away from the fact its an amazing synth, the keys and separate outs is a big plus…

Problem last time I owned it, I realised my OCD wanted the matching format of the other boxes… :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


not sure if I understand , you don’t agree? Hip hop is pretty vanilla in terms of composition and sound design.
And even lyrically… except few exceptions like Notorious Big ( Suicidal Thoughts for example) they mostly talk about money, fame and status.


Very tempting. The more I think about it, If someone offers me one at that or less, I think I’d grab it. Lot of synth / sequencer et al for not that much money.

Alas, no one is offering them to me at that :crazy_face:

Went from A4 (which I thought was ok) to AK (which I disliked); not the “upgrade” I was expecitng… but would give the A4 another go.


Yeah i agree. Lyrics otoh aren’t. :wink:

This thread is poison though. Now i GAS for a MK1. But seriously…dont need IT,


Hmm , maybe you are right, I think its debatable. I believe that something that reinforces the existing social structures and values is vanilla. Maybe considering hip hop as functionall to the status quo has to do with the fact that I live in a neoliberalist society that only respects wealthines, individualism and competition.
If I lived in a different country I would maybe percieve hip hop as challenging thowards the stablished power structure.


I don’t think that it even happens in a decade or two, because the MKII is the more durable machine (display/buttons) and with old gear this is quite a bonus.


Saw that. No danger it was legit. Seller had no rating and wanted cash on collection!

One did legitimately sell for £500 last week though!

Edit - he now has negative feedback after cancelling the winning auction!


Yeah unless you were just an itch in your old man’s jock at release, doubt you will ever see the mk1 increase in value over your lifetime


Good to know


Yes was keeping an eye on that one too but the fact the guy had no rating and cash on collection rang alarm bells! When it looks too good to be true it usually is! :smiley:


I have just pictured myself plus 3 more dudes

1 for drums

1 for synth

1 for bass lines

in a band.

3 men on synths each their own designated duty … if you add these people and record them, 1 DJ could do their job…

nuff dreamt