A Module With Classic Piano Sounds

Wondering if there is like a quality hardware module with all these vintage sounds… thinking DX7; Rhodes… those ones.
I find it really annoying that i have to resort to plugins if i want more of a standard piano sound.
I got a minilogue and digitone and i cant quite get these sounds made myself or find them in patches.


You’ll be looking at mostly romplers, I would think. TX7 for some originals, maybe consider something in the JV family or a sampler with strong library support. The Proteus family might work too.

thx ill try to look these up! these are all vintage then? Is there nothing new that’s replicating these sounds?

The Roland MC-101 can act as a rompler, it’s got most of those JV/XV sounds. It’s “only” 4 parts multi-tambral vs. a JV module that will do 16, but it does have its own sequencer, resampling, scatter, runs on battaries… pretty good value and you should never run out of sounds…and you don’t have to by a 15+ year old rack unit.


Not sure but Alesis nano piano?


The Yamaha MU/QY series or similar XG romplers have a lot of those sounds. I have a QY70 and it’s great as a sound module, nice and compact.

Yamaha TG series is pretty good also, it’s a bit like the roland JV. While the QY/MU or a bit more analogous to the roland sound canvas stuff.

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I just picked up a Yamaha Reface CP a few weeks ago and it may be just what you’re looking for. Not a huge variety of presets, of course, but all of the pianos sound incredible and the built-in FX are icing on the cake.


Lots of half-rack modules on the used market.
Kurzweil ME1 or Micro Piano.
Roland JV1010 or XV2020.
Korg 05R/W and several others.
Alesis NanoPiano is 1/3 rack.

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For inexpensive but good sound, look for Emu Proformance from the 90s

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If not wanting vintage, it’s hard to find better than the Supernatural engine of the Integra-7, of course you get wayyy more than classical and electric pianos. Superb sound quality, somewhat regret selling mine.


Yamaha FB01.

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What about one of the PianoBox modules?


Not quite a module but the Korg MicroX has tons of those sounds along with decent FX and it’s multitimbral. I think they borrowed patches from the Trinity/Triton range.

Beyond that there the Roland JV1010 in half rack form or any of the Kord or Yamaha rack units like the JV or XP.

Go back a few years and there’s the Emu Classic Keys or even an M3r (or better still the M1r) or one of the later rompler models from Korg.

Roland MC-101/707 has a lot of rompler piano sounds. Nothing state of the art like Roland’s own V-Piano or the sampled pianos in various Yamaha products, but usable enough.

Wow these look very affordable. ill dive in! Thanks

yeah ive seen those but my digi’s are here to stay!

You mean you now think your Digis give you the piano sounds you want?

Which Digi? Digitone or Digitakt?

Well, that’s nice. Not having to buy more stuff.

No I meant that the RC101 looks too much like a replacement. I get a few piano sounds out of the Minilogue tho!

I don’t know what an RC101 is.

So I guess you found your piano sounds?