Got it! The sample is from a 1981 Hawkwind track :smiley:


With AE_LIVE and this [ongoing] NTS broadcast, it sounds like Ae are getting pretty deep into advanced, software-based FM synthesis - it didn’t register at first cuz I didn’t have a clue about how they made their tunes, until more recently. Large swathes of their new material (like the Dilankex remix, et al) sound like really extreme / noisy FM patches.

Oddly enough, only after listening to some of Tim Follin’s music (Time Trax etc.) on YouTube, it became clear. I wonder how many “operators” or what sort of “algorithms” these Ae fellas are using… if they’re even operating on a quantifiable level, or using the established terminology. What do these Max patches look like? Anyone have a clue?


they always seemed to use a lot (if not mostly) fm. LP5 sounds very fm e.g.
From oversteps to elseq + livesets, everything sounds like fm and/or physical modeling. And some use of samples on Exai.

No clue at all.
From what I read in interviews, it seems Exai, Elseq and the livesets were all based on a Max Patch they keep developing.
"We’ve built up a pretty extensive deep system now. " … from the residentadvisor interview


Their music is more magical if you wonder what their max patch looks like and never find out! Just try enjoying some music without looking at gear, it’s a great experience.
It’s the not knowing what made Pulp Fiction and Ronin’s plot work, but let’s stay on topic!


yeah, it’s part of what has kept them compelling for so long - it’s so alien-sounding, I had no idea about the process. Accept the mystery!


Their new stuff is completely outer space.
But one of my absolute favourites is untilted, which features heavy use of the machinedrum as far as i know.
In the end they always sound incredible and unique, no matter what they use


NTS Sessions as new album (natch)


Great. No surprise, it’s like the elseq releases.
They told in interviews how they like the idea of the Ae store and that they are no longer dependent on the album format.
Puhh, that will be a crazy ride again. I still can’t grasp everything on elseq.


autechre set the bar again.amazing


Alright, I’m going to admit I know nothing about this group and probably have heard them before because I’ve been exposed to tons of stuff, but I’m unfamiliar with any of the music…
At some point I’ll go through the posted tracks since I notice so much praise around here…


I would recommend to start with some of their older stuff. For me it was easier to get into, by following how they developed over the years.


I’m in exactly the same position. Listening to some of this stuff, I really feel like I’ve been missing out!


I got a harddrive that I gathered several friends collections on, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on there, and it’s most likely older because I did it a long time ago… I’ll check it out for sure…


I tell people to check something from each period to get some grasp of their evolution:

Early: Tri Repetae
Middle: UntiLted
Later (Recent): Exai


At first I would say the same, but then I think… is “older stuff” really Autechre? I kind of feel like, whatever they are currently doing right now is the only thing you can really use to gauge them.

I am a huge fan of the Draft 7.30 / Untilted / Quaristice / Oversteps era because a lot of it was still done on machines and that intrigues me a lot more than just Max/MSP stuff. For me it’s like, yeah, Max/MSP can do anything, we get it, and it’s super hard to relate to because it’s all just their own custom software patches. Exai started losing my interest but there was some redeemable stuff. Elseq totally lost me.

Listening to first track from NTS and they have regained my interest… already sounds better to me than Elseq but we’ll see how things progress :stuck_out_tongue:


I like each “era” for different reasons.
And it changes depending on my mood. Lp5, untilted and exai usually are my top favourites.
But I also often enjoy listening to amber.

I understand that. If find the Maxmsp stuff, especially Elseq and the livesets, very challenging, but really fascinating.
Exai has some of their best stuff on it imo


Yeah I like a lot of stuff on Exai but something about it kind of started losing me… like just the overall sound of it, this super wet drippy splishy splashy sound or something that they started using a lot.

Actually thinking about it some more, I don’t know if it’s so much that I don’t like their Max/MSP stuff, it’s more that they’ve been going more into these 20 minute tracks that barely change. I would have been all into that 20 years ago but maybe I just don’t have the patience anymore!


From reading all this I feel like I’m gonna open up a can of psychedelic space worms, the good kind… :smile:


Go to that Bleep Store link @xidnpnlss posted and you can listen to the full tracks (of this NTS broadcast album) on there, that’ll give you an idea of what they’re all about right now. Be prepared for weirdness. Also make sure you have time to commit. They are no easy task to take on.


I downloaded the first NTS session and have a night walk now :smiley: