As peaceful as I seem I’ve been exposed to extreme weirdness on all kinds of levels, I’m not afraid… I like all types of music really as long as it’s good, just all different vibes for different moods, and I can be quite eccentric or eclectic…
Probably check that out tonight, thanks, as you know I’m away from that hardrive… :wink:


oh, yeah, you definitely are :slight_smile:


Also if you listen to this most recent stuff (NTS, Elseq) and don’t like it, you should still check out older albums. All of them are on Youtube I think. If you’re even the slightest bit interested in nonstandard electronic music, there’s bound to be something you’ll like.


DROOL! :dizzy_face:


Amber is fantastic. The Lego Feet album is golden. Draft 7.30 / Untilted seem to be almost consensus favorites around here, which is a pleasant surprise. I’ve been four-wheeling out in Confield country, it gets a bit thick, convoluted at parts–make sure you have four-wheel drive (or chains, at least) …edit: can’t forget LP5 and EP7 = Ae prime

AE_LIVE_DUBLIN is a monster of a set. They blew my mind with those 2014 / 2015 live sets.
AE_LIVE_UTRECHT is almost as good. Almost.

All of the Elseq mp3s fit onto one CD-r - kinda nice if you still have a CD player / stereo setup.

I hope they do 4 unique sets for the NTS sessions, instead of four variations on one set. Loving the nonstop broadcast on repeat.

This stuff is gold.


Almost done listening through NTS1 and I love it. It’s like a weirder, darker, kind of more mature version of Quaristice?
Definitely better in my opinion than Elseq


these two are also SOLID gold
1993 an amazing set

and FLEX 1996, is probably the sickest 8:30, is amazing


watching that to me is like watching those old 1st tool gig vhs rips from like 1990. There’s something about autechre. On the one hand grunge was in full swing, but then autechre’s there doing their thing. it feels half in and out of garage and jungle and breaks but so abstract, i don’t know what it is but ae keep popping up for me lately, drawing me back into their catalogue, which in all fairness, i haven’t fully sucked dry. im as cliche an autechre fan as you can get, i like a few albums but hate the rest, but, i think i’m starting to come around. i’ve found something in there. on the one hand it’s attention to detail, but on the other it’s sort of, the way nothing continues to really loop around much, it generally moves on and changes, or individual sounds morph and twist from phrase to phrase. i really like their evolving methodology too, always exploring new ways of doing things. sometimes it’s too intense for me, but i really get it i think. it’s exploration, pure and simple. i love that

also i read an interview where they were talking about how they came up with their name which was basically gibberish, but when i first heard about them from a friend, it was described to me as AU (audio) TECH (nology) RE (search)

audio technology research

i thought it was kinda cool

i’ve always said au-tech-ra


Anyone else listen through the full NTS1 album yet?

I feel like the first two tracks could be taken out, but everything after that is pretty good. debris funk, l3 ctrl and north spiral are some crazy intense stuff, and the two smaller softer tracks are beautiful. Haven’t fully digested gonk steady one yet, it’s like an album in itself…

What think ye all?


I listened to it twice today.
It’s difficult to judge it based on two listens.
I’ll probably change my mind 10 times about it.
But so far I agree, I found the first two tracks a bit boring. After that a lot of Exai/Elseq vibes and sounds come into play. The last track was a bit of a surprise. Sounded like some granular piano sample stuff, very lovely.
Lot’s to discover. But I could live with shorter tracks, had already problem with the Elseq tracklengths partly


Yeah the track length thing gets me too, but at least on this it seems like there’s a lot more consistent grooves & beats compared to what I remember hearing on Elseq. Maybe that stuff was on Elseq too? I didn’t give it a HUGE chance but I do remember trying my best to go through all those tracks and find stuff I could get into but I couldn’t find enough to justify buying even one of the discs.

I super, super, super love that last track and how it ends :smiley: (on NTS)


You should give it another try. Or some tries… There are many great tracks and moments on Elseq. Some are pretty straight forward… I think the crazy beats are mostly on the first two elseqs then a lot of ambient stuff follows.

Yeah it’s great!!
Four of seven is also a bit of a surprise with its straigth arpeggios and lead synth


I’ll definitely go back and give it a shot! Will probably just pick & choose a couple individual tracks, maybe make my own mini compilation.
Got any recommendations or faves?


good idea.
My favs (may change from time to time)

pendulu hv moda
mesh cinereaL
foldfree casual
spaces how V

pendulu hv moda is a masterpiece imo


Elseq 4 is the prime one if looking for some good beat oriented stuff. “acdwn2” tickles the same place-of-delight in my brain as longtime Draft 7.30 favorite track “6IE. CR”.

Loving the NTS set. So damn curious how the rest will shake out, especially since I already leapt on the vinyl box set. (The packaging of Oversteps and Exai on vinyl AND the sound is just too damn awesome).


I listened to it (NTS 1) late last night, on headphones… man, I was blown away by the latter two thirds of it… the second track kinda feels like a dud, but the rest of it is so lush and enveloping–it’s massive-sounding, tonally beautiful, and the textures of it seemed a lot deeper / more shifting and varied than on previous / more cursory listens. It really sounds like nothing else out there.

AE_LIVE, and seeing them live in 2015 kinda put me off making music (like, it sated my appetite) - they had taken it so far, and succeeded. I’m enjoying these new tracks even more than Elseq, it seems even more ‘next level’, somehow, and at the same time it still sounds a bit raw, improvised. Three more sessions… this shit is unbelievably good.


enjoying these a lot.

delay modulation seems paramount.

can anyone recommend any other music created entirely within a self built system.

cylobs was ace, haven’t really heard any of squarepushers recent stuff but know he made one, heard some afx stuff is but dunno what.


I mean, realistically there probably isn’t anything that can compare. There’s a dynamic going on where the two guys feed off each other, and they have been building up this internal Max/MSP system for a long time, it’s like their own top-secret custom studio. I guess what I’m saying is that the music they make isn’t JUST a reflection of a self-built system but also the dynamic between the two and how they play off each other’s patches & musical ideas. If it was just one guy it probably wouldn’t be as interesting.

On the other hand, as esoteric, unapproachable, mysterious and magical as all that sounds, it’s still just Max/MSP patches, audio/signal processing, sequencing… just super fine-tuned to tricks they like doing… but anyone else can do it too. It just won’t sound like Autechre because there’s no way of knowing “exactly” what they’re doing.

EDIT: I know this post kind of side-steps your question, was just rambling a bit I guess :slight_smile: Personally I don’t know of anything, I’ve listened to all sorts of “weird”/IDM/supposedly Autechre-ish stuff but none of it ever satisfies me as much as the real stuff.


All the tracks from NTS2 are now on the store if anyone wants to listen through from start to finish


Disc 3 is streaming now

Tracks should become available on AE store later today/tomorrow