Really like this one :slight_smile:


ya that tunes is AWESOME

so is this one!

crank it


im sorry i thought you posted the track Stop Look Listen. i didnt know that was the interview. also a sick track


this starts at the sweet spot. this track and the next : 4:02 - 12:45

5:48 hits


Xylin Room is top five Autechre for life.


I urge everyone interested to read the stupendous ‘Ask Autechre Anything’-thread on forum.wattm.com. 150+ pages of them (most of the time) answering every question imaginable by sweaty, die-hard fans. A masterclass on its own.


Tons of infos


To the lazy they come off as unapprochable but imo they have been very generous. They just do it their way (as with everything else).




I enjoy Autechre. It’s like proper jazz records, they grow after repeated listening, true craftmenship! Autechre also taught me on a musical level, that if you want to be prolific and original in your art, you need to just sit down (or stand depending on your setup) and do the work. (ignorance is bliss in electronica)

Never needed a guide to hold my hand whilst listening to anything ever. But I do enjoy the youtube spoof videos lots! :grinning:brilliant stuff




Are you the source of all those youtube videos? :wink:


Why yes, yes I am
rubs hands together mischievously


Listening to it right now



Hope to Dog someone is recording it cause I can’t do this the whole time.

Proving once again that their records should be filed under hip hop.


No worries, nothing escapes from the internet


I would not want to talk so much about them, but

start listening… 1 month full of music


That intro was on the original 12"; I’ve got an mp3 rip of it somewhere. It was removed when the singles were released in the boxset, I’m guessing due to copyright…


Impossible…the voice of agony is Putman from Club Dread…years after the release.

And refuse to accept a ‘rip’ as evidence. The internet is lies. I need to see the vinyl or it doesnt exist as such.

0:30sec onward…


lol that’s very similar but not the same :smiley:

edit: also that film is from 2004, I’m sure my mp3s are from earlier than that