A GAS anecdote

I often watch youtube on my TV at night, just lazily browsing through various synth videos, and because I don’t like typing in search with the TV remote (yep, I’m lazy) I often just allow whatever video follows to play, if it isn’t interesting to me I just skip and the next one starts playing.

Anyway, one of the videos that came up was a demo of the ALM Squid Salmpler, a very fine looking sampler module, with lots of cool features. I wasn’t particularly looking to buy a Eurorack sampler, but it looked like a really great module, whose features I could definitely make use of.

Before long I was reaching for my ipad, checking out prices and specs, then when I realised that I’d need to get a new case as the only spare I have does not supply enough power, I started looking into case options too.

Then I stopped.

It dawned on me that yes, whilst this was a very attractive module with very useful functions, I don’t need it.
Because pretty much everything that it does (that interests me) can be done on my Analog Rytm, and for the most part with more convenience, better control, and no expense. All that is required on my part is to get my ass in gear and load up a varied selection of samples.

Generally I’m not too bad with GAS, but I thought it was kind of amusing how I got caught up in it in this particular instance.

After I started watching videos about gear I own, a good GAS abatement technique :wink:


Well, well!
That is fan-gas-tique!
I can’t contain myself.
I will not buy any gear in 2020. Hopefully.


yea good one that. vids on your own gear is the way. gets the vibes goin.

I can be a divil for the aul gas. last (and final) eurorack case I filled cost like 4 grand (euros) n I was then like man I can do so much more than this with a single elektron, and personally I much prefer the interface. it was just wild gas for a new contraption, that and a new project to construct I guess.
so I promptly sold it all n ever since my general synth gas has abated. my few elektrons (and a few small acid boxes) n I’m more than happy.


Yes, much as I love modular, been into it since late 90’s, often - for me - it can be, if I’m not mindful a less direct, less flexible and less satisfying path to a result that could be achieved with my other gear.

Of course this isn’t the whole story, with modular the environment itself can lead to unexpected and very interesting results, and indeed things that are not possible with other gear. I guess for standard fare such as drums, everyday synth sounds, samples and traditional forms of sequencing, I’m much less interested in trying to get these from modular these days. But truth be told I’m also kind of bored with modular in many ways, maybe it is just a phase I’m going through or maybe it is because of time/hassle, I don’t know.


dude, you just described my life basically! I really enjoyed reading your post.

I have around 5 versions of GAS every week. I find something interesting, watch videos of it, read reviews and slowly grow the feeling that this gear is what I have always needed. until I read in a thread over that gear, that gear B is an option, I start researching and everything starts over again.

I have GAS-Groundhog-disorder…

I have learned to live with it though, myself, as there are no groups that meetup for this.


The problem is that watching videos and reading reviews is actually fun. The trick is not to click the buy button


For me a lot of GAS comes down to a new unit doing something new. How I combat it is to figure out a way to emulate it with the gear I have. Between OT, Zoia, and iPad etc I can get close enough that I have no good reason for wanting it. Plus now I have an emulation AND I grew to know my own gear more.

But ofc that presumes I can bring myself to trying it on my toys before clicking the buy button. Somedays are better than others.


A great way of resisting a sudden GAS eruption is to ask yourself “how can I do what this does with what I have?”
Can be a great source of ideas!


I get what you two are saying. But sometimes I also find it really important how fast I can get to where I want.
One recent example of mine would be the Novation Peak. I can get close enough with what I have now. But it would mean layering, effects , working the audio and what not. Instead I could just turn on the Peak that delivers exactly that sound I wanted.

That is why my GAS for the Peak is peaking! I am seriously eating different to get the money together faster for this thing.

Shit… I not only have GAS-Groundhog-Disorder, but also a serious case of Synth-Aquiring-Bulimia. Im f+cked!


Don’t do that man!

to me gas isn‘t coming from new things being released but getting frustrated sometimes with the workflow of the boxes I already have.
They all have their advantages, but also disadvantages. I haven’t come across something that I truly bind with and where I couldn‘t image to work without it (besides guitar and piano in general).
Of course, gear can‘t be perfect, but since this market kind of a exploded there are so many choices that I‘m always tempted to try something else, which might come closer to the thing I‘m after.
Also a mood thing. There are phases where I‘m into sound design or feeling experimental. That‘s where I think boxes like the elektrons shine.
Sometimes I get tired of the menues and sequencers and just wish I had a nice keyboard synth e.g.
But you can‘t have everything for every mood phase of your music making. Well you can if you have the money but that‘s the opposite of avoiding the gas trap.

Not really related @darenager’s post, but the search for the perfect workflow is my major gas source.
I never would get a collection of mono synths for example, just to have some slightly different flavors of the same thing basically. But that’s me


AKA the endless struggle :wink:

Yep I definitely relate to that too!

As I’m getting older I’m feeling that I really want to simplify things downward, yet the other part of me likes options, I think the balance is compromise and discipline but it isn’t as easy IRL as the concept existing in my noggin :rofl:


No worries man :wink:
Im 6’10 at 220 pounds, love going to the gym and love eating even more. BUT, when Mcdonalds seduces me, or the yummi Schnitzel, I’ll option for cooking at home to save the moniez. And there I’ll pick dishes that are lighter on the wallet. I eat a bunch of chicken and broccoli at the moment haha

It was a bit exagerated, but still the truth.

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same. that‘s my dilemma, cause to fulfill both needs, I need multiple boxes again, which I wanted to avoid in the first place.

A roland boutique box or an octatrack are both attracting me for completely different reasons and state of mind
Middle ground is rare. Digitakt may be one of the closest, where versatility, workflow and good sound fall into place.
Usually deep instruments are harder to handle obviously.

Think about it like this every minute you spend on YouTube could of been a minute spending play chords or drum patterns. Every minute of muscle memory on current gear you own is worth more than 2 minutes on the hottest new toy. I watch those vids too but just for ideas on how
to program my current setup.


I think I spend more time thinking about this Than on GAS.


Watching videos for gear you already have helps a lot, even if you’ve seen them 10 times over.

I will admit that I succumb to terrible GAS recently and purchased an OTmk2 and A4mk2, but that was after I sold my OTmk1, a K2000r, a TX802, an ESQ1, and put my Nord Modular G1, QY70, and a couple pedals and effects up for sale on Reverb. I bought the OTmk1 about 6 months ago, and haven’t bought a piece of gear before that since around '03-'06 or so.

All of this I just justifying my purchase, which I know, but aside from some basic studio stuff for when I get that back together (desk, rack rails, chair, etc.), I think this will be my last purchase for a while, even though there are some really tasty looking pieces out there.

I have a LOT of homework to do on the A4, and between than, my OT, an Alpha Juno, and a Nord Modular, I kind of have what I want covered. I just need to get around to recording and maybe making some videos.


Good. Now go watch Erica Synth Drum Sampler videos. Then Percussa SSP videos. Then… oh, well… :laughing:

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I keep telling me that over and over! So true! As for me it’s probably more difficult finding some time to make music than getting the money together to buy new gear, the most frustrating aspect of GAS is the time wasted watching YouTube videos about gear!


Works for minutes spent on Elektronauts as well. :zipper_mouth_face: