909 day (2018)


Three new synth and drum products from Roland on 9/13.
Any ideas?


Most probably more rehashes of something old and boring
There is no innovation left in the Roland camp unfortunately



New UAD Apollo X hexcore audio interfaces also appeared on my radar today, although not sure if already old news…


Wow, the RD909 looks as ugly as the Drumbrute.


No the Apollo announcement was on the 6th. You gonna upgrade. I’m still tapping my toes for an acid lab Detroit though. You ever look at your drum library and go no I want this 909 kick not this 909 kick.


This company released a 909 on a stick - on sale for $10


I wish there was more details about this, the idea of turning my android phone into a drum machine or a 303 is compelling


Having just recently upgraded to a apollo twin quad, I will not be upgrading anytime soon. When they release an 8pre model with octo DSP, that might change however… This year, my upgrade budget went to the twin quad and a Stam audio 1073EQ, which I am very much looking forward to getting shipped!

And for sure getting both of these behri 808/909 knockoffs, unethical or not. Those sounds have been with me for too long. Either one of those combined with the rytm will give a solid drum rig for just about any electronic gig.


Omg, is this it??
Thank god they filled the hunking keytar void

Rock out


Anyone fancy starting an Aerophone Go band?



I like the AX-Edge, actually.

Can double as a self-defense weapon too


As a reaction to your post I tapped on my rebirth app on my iphone 5,
And it says it no longer works with ios 11
I was maybe the last person with rebirth on a phone.
I heard a while ago it still exits on ipad.
But what a loss of life quality,
I thought i always have 909, 808 and 2 303 in my pocket. :sneezing_face::sleepy:
So sad…


See if maybe Acid Box 2 works, it’s close…
Sorry anyways fella, I know that feeling of pure horror.

Tish and pish, just checked, neither Acid Box 1 or 2 are on the store :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thanks buddy🌷
:sleepy: you tried,
I will try if my 90% dead iphone 3 shows some signs of life, probably not🤧
Elastic drums is quite funny but absolutely no replacement.
I also made the mistake to buy a tb 3
I always thought rebirth sounds better…


I kept my iPad mini on iOS 10.3.3 because I stood to lose way too much…
When I saw Rebirth had been removed I almost sharted and scrambled to check if it was still on my device, it was.
I’m not sure if it can still be found on the App Store, even for purchasers.

Can’t check right now but that iOS 11 has really screwed a lot of people.

Oh yeah I’m still rocking a 3G!
And ED is the best drum synth, cut your losses and get into that!


Thank for heads up buddy
Not that i really use it but i bought audulus for my iphone 5 ( fell into water also), out of principle. i think anyone who can not an amazing electro symphony with audulus on a iphone is a looser.
(Theoretically, I dont understand it and the saving thing sucks)


It’s (audulus) on my wish list (remember that APPLE?) bit pricey pour moi!


My high school had a lot of kids in bands. One of the best did covers of The Cure and Depeche mode with the keyboardist playing everything in real time (no sequencer). Another really good one did Rush covers.

The neighborhood was not exactly The Hamptons of Long Island or Beverly Hills, so we made do with the crappy keyboards that were in the affordable range at the time. As high schoolers we would have been all over the new Juno DS, keytar, etc. if we could buy those back in the day.


I couldn’t find it for iPad last week. I wanted to install it.