909 day (2018)


Thanks, goodbye rebirth :disappointed_relieved:


It’s not iOS 11 as such, it’s that all the newer devices have 64-bit CPUs and the apps needed to be updated to support 64-bit to work effectively. They made it a hardware and app store requirement as much as an OS requirement.

It did result in a massive cull of apps from the store because most developers didn’t want to spend the time and effort adding 64-bit support to apps that were no longer making them any money.


Although - seems that’s not the reason.


We have decided to discontinue ReBirth for iPad.
The decision comes after a statement from Roland that the product infringes on the company’s intellectual property rights. Rather than refuting this claim, we have decided to honor our long-standing relationship with Roland Corporation and have, therefore, come to the conclusion that the best path forward is to discontinue the product.

I was wondering, because I would have thought that an established company like Propellerheads would have updated an active product.


Oh yeah I know, it just coincided with 11.
No turning back, and the fact Apple removed the ability to roll back after those few months is what peeved me so much.
Some of the changes that 11 brought with it stink to hell also, the App Store now for instance is so handcuffed compared to before.
All part of the plan…


Have my ipad2 still on ios6 and keeping rebirth is part of the reason I still have it around and on the ancient os. That and loop twister.


Yeah I remember this, quite ridiculous when rebirth has been out for what near20 years if you include PC?


Nearly 22 years! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReBirth_RB-338

I had it on my PowerPC-based Mac (a beige pre-G3 thing) running OS 8 in 1997/98.


That long! :exploding_head:
True classic…


Ohh my…just when you thought Roland couldn’t stoop any lower


It was long ago Roland did that, and they only did it because they went back into the tb 303 game again.


Roland zero innovation, living off distant memories, and floggin the poor proverbial dead horse senseless…ouch


I would almost say their variety of innovation is what’s making them look bad to ppl like us. Half baked modulars (and a few good ones it seems) and digital rehashes aren’t cutting it.

If they repackaged the sp-808, fabricated some old chips and released a true analog drum machine and put a quality sequencer (without all the roland only connections) I would easily buy new gear. I mean why not make a smaller 404 or another synth like the SE-02?


Roland can’t seem to win. They release stuff like the TR-8S, which is better than any drum machine they’ve ever made apart from it being digital - if you consider that a negative - and people demand they make analogue recreations of the old stuff instead. They essentially re-make the System-100m and people say “meh, the sliders wobble”. They put out something genuinely innovative and clever like the Aira modular effects and everyone ignores them. And then they get criticised for living off their former glories.


They are living off a fascimile of their former glory, aira. The system stuff and true analog is nice to me and I’d be ok with the tr-8s tbh ( it’s just a little too big but whatever).
I’m just mad they don’t make any new samplers, like ever…


I mean, it’s fair enough that people don’t like everything they make… people didn’t like the 303 when that was released either… :okej:


This I agree with 100%… they must be cooking something. I was surprised they gave the 404 an Aira paint job and left it at that rather than making a new Aira sampler.


I think Roland have realized that it’s easier to digitally replicate their old machines rather than trying to rebuild them as they were at great expense and with pretty much obsolete parts, then putting up with all the people who buy them moaning that they don’t sound right, or go out of tune or aren’t reliable, only to be accused of living off past glory anyway. Excluding the TB3, a lot of the aira and boutique stuff sounds pretty good (or at least good enough) and why try to compete when there’s already a lot of companies out there making analogue clones (TT303, RE303, yocto etc.), imagine if they did an analogue 808 and it sounded worse than a yocto…

That keytar is hilarious though.


To be fair to Roland. The number of people online ranting about how lame they are is probably pretty small compared to the number of units they actually sell. There’s only like 15 users in this thread with 36 replies…


This is true. If you look at their videos from the last few days it’s the keytar that has far more views than anything else.


I really like the AX-Edge. I know I’m a dork, but I think the black one looks awesome! :nerd_face:

Also, they seem to have added some pretty well-designed performance controls to it this time. Looks like a ton of fun on stage with a bit of serious practice.