7 × OS Update


BIG BIG BIG. gonna have me a dual VCO exploration evening.xxx


Good move releasing OS update before Overbridge !
Analog MK2 soundlock bug fixed !!! Hourra :slight_smile:


I think my Rytm MKI wept a tear of joy!


YAY!!! Can you feel it happening?! I can feel it happening! We’re about to go over this body of water, baby!



Thanks :slight_smile:
Will the release notes be available to view from the resources pages for Digitone and Digitakt OS 1.10?
They are included in the OS download folders so I guess it doesn’t matter much either way :stuck_out_tongue:



I had a computer hard drive failure and I can finally get all my old samples off my Rytm MkI.

Thank you, Elektron!


i just assigned a sine x2 LFO on the OSC Config with moderate Depth… you should too


as mentioned yesterday, we‘re very close …

THX Elektron for stopping that crazy ride since veeeeeeeeery long time!


Well, I just backed up my Rytm MKI samples while it was playing dual VCO acid lines, so that’s something. :diddly:


Awesome! Thank you! Needless to say I was waiting eagerly for a solution regarding the little sound lock panel annoyance of the A4MKII. And it has been solved! Yayyyyyyy :heart_eyes:

Just before the weekend :heart_eyes:

Haha yes :heart_eyes:


Link for AR mk1 takes u to AR mk2.

Just updated time to play…thx


Thanks. Updated the link.


can we expect an update for the octatrack mk2?
Thanks much for this :wink:


Not at this time.


@Olle It seems the MKIs USB Sync out now works again? Didn’t see this in the patch notes, but it’s nice to see it functional so far. :cb:


Saw this for the A4 MKI, was wondering if it was this that fixed the issue?

Creating a¬new project via the Project Manager resulted in that the new project had unstable Kits
and missing parameter icons.


this is serious for techno lowend…football is sacked tonight…lol:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes! it’s finally happened!.. Thx!


A HUGE THANK YOU. This has my day sorted!


thats awesome. hopefully we get MIDI ratcheting (digitakt) in the next update?!?!?!?!? pleeeeazzze