64GB CF Cards - Tested/Supported


Can we start a list of confirmed/tested/supported 64GB CF Cards for use with the Octatrack?


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Bumping this. We really need a solid list, all things considered. Links appreciated.

Lexar are the tried and true by many professionals

I have 7 years experience with there cards and card readers and have never had one issue, they work like a pro product should

I film and photograph with Digital Cinema cameras and I don’t mind paying for something that is going to work when it needs to

I highly recommend them
The card that lives in my Octatrack is not the one it came with )

If you want something above that …

PM me ; )

if 64GB CF cards are too expensive, 32GB are just as pretty

Remember these things will get cheaper with time, but if you need it now pick the one you will really use )

What would be the recommended speed? 200x? 400x?

Pixelflash- Ebay. Tested by me, buggy in the early OT days but Elektron got OS support for the card sorted… Works great and cheaper than Lexar, very reliable so far and speeds are as advertised. I use a 64GB 600x and a 32GB 533x. Bought mine from seller supertechusa.

IMO, 400x at minimum or file operations of the OT may seem sluggish. Not sure the minimum speed required for streaming 8 static tracks@ 24 bit.

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I thought I read on E-U that people using cards above 400x didn’t see any noticeable improvement from cards below that. So you may end up paying more for speeds that don’t make much of a difference.

has anyone tried these yet?


Any more takers on this? Looking to upgrade my OT with a 32 gig CF card.

I am running the KomputerBay Professional 64GB 600x UDMA since months without any complaints. I have a few of them and change them quite often as I have saved different sets on each cards.

Never had a single issue with any of these cards and given the price (about 55 euros at ebay) they are a great deal…


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I’ve been using one of these with no problems at all that I’m aware of.

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Found a KINGSTON Ultimate Compactflash 266x (CF/32GB-U2) pretty cheap, so ordered that one. Saw an old post from EU where one dude had it working just fine, so think it’ll be good. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about picking one of these up: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BFKNPPG/ref=gno_cart_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1NDOMFTNMA8LC

Anyone tried that model with the OT?

Did you see this post earlier in the thread?

So should work, I guess. :slight_smile:

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I must have glossed over that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll pick one up whenever my OT ships and report back.

IMO, 400x at minimum or file operations of the OT may seem sluggish. Not sure the minimum speed required for streaming 8 static tracks@ 24 bit.

Not sure I got my numbers quite right here but if each 24bit static track is 500KB/s then it would only need 4MB/s of bandwidth to the card. The minimum recommended is a 133x card which should give 20MB/s of bandwidth. So performance wise anything faster than 133x doesn’t look necessary. However project/set loading time should be improved with faster cards.

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Actually, what would be good is a list of cards that dont work.

i just got this and it works GREAT. 1000x better than the card that came w/ the octatrack.

SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card Upto 120 MB/s


sold. thank you.

I have two and they work flawlessly.