6/8 Techno

Favourite 6/8 techno tracks?

I’ve heard a few and either they were unreleased or I didn’t get the name. I want!

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plaid do a lot of weird time signatures, unsure if theyre 6/8 or something else ‘weird’
similarly some black dog, modeselektor, a few tracks on nicolette albums(done by plaid).

if i come across some more i’ll add them to this post when i remember.

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i too would like to hear some more unusual time signature techno.

i remembered a sonic talk episode where adamski was on, he said that he does everything in 3/4 now.

if you scroll down a few years, there are many tracks in that time signature.

now, i didn’t find anything that blew me off my socks, but surely some inspiration.
edit: don’t listen to the track that it shows here, go to his soundcloud page.

How about 7/8


I came across this reddit thread recently. Some tracks were already mentioned here.


Thanks everyone !

6/8 isn’t actually that unusual it’s kinda just 4/4 with a triplet feel over the whole thing, but great to hear some other wonky stuff too!

This is in 4/4 not 6/8

This is not 6/8. It’s 3/4

I like this one a lot:


We need to hear something like, 4/4 alternating with 1/16. :grinning:

Doesn’t the snare and the chord progression (?) kind of imply a 4/4 too though?

Whatever, great track! I loved that video ever since I first saw it.

Be interested to understand the time SIG before the straight up kicks in

Or this

I made this with the m:s, No 6/8 actually its 3/4 something like that, but anyways its nice to explore unexpected changes and weird beats.

Yeah In this example the drums are in 4/4 or 2/4 and only the bass and melodic stuff is in 6/8.
But most 6/8 songs have some elements which sound like 4/4.

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I don’t think so. This track is in 6/8 and the drums are in 6/8. You can count 1234 to it because 6/8 has a duple pulse. It has a compound duple pulse, where each pulse is divided in three.

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Are there any threads on these sorts of forums that break down Plaid’s rhythmic tricks and staple techniques?

I haven’t seen any, maybe watmm forum

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