<3 model:cycles thread

This looks and sounds special - bring - it - on

This is a thread for appreciative thoughts, there are threads elsewhere for folk that don’t get it

I don’t even have a DN, there is a reason why people make special niche products and it’s crazy to put it down to price or quality or to up-sell eventually etc etc

It’s down to the playability and the lack of distractions - the spectrum between a Drum with a stick and ableton on a computer is vast and this thing sits at the right end of that spectrum for me - instant fun, like the Monotribe - all sweet spot always grin inducing - no need for patch memories, just play

Anyway - doubters and naysayers be warned, i have access to special buttons - this is an appreciation thread, i appreciate this little cutey after an hour of exposure

Well done team Elektron

Now to get unhyped :zonked:

PS also wanted the subforum to be pointed out :thup:


You’ve had hands on exposure?!

just eyes and ears - and a spot of intuition that this is just right


I have a digitone and Im still hype for this. It looks really fun to use. This to the digitone looks kind of like what the Rytm is to the Analog four.




I feel with a Digitone and a Machinedrum already, this would have too much overlap for me personally. However, I can see the pros of this machine being that it will be easier to dial in drum / percussion sounds and give you much more hands on control with the 1 knob per function layout. It sounds great! The retrig function is something im very jealous of. I’m curious as to how the chord machine works though. Is it just Major and Minor chords?

Did you guys see the battery handle yet? Looks to make this and the Model:Samples very portable with the class compliant USB audio as well.


boss dr202 was one of my favorite drum machines many moons ago and cycles seems like a steroids version of it which makes me happy.
just waiting now for it to be available at my preferred online retailer.


transferring this here from the news section


i have such fond memories of the DR110, bought that new when i was at school - honestly sometimes less is more - wish i kept it, everything about it is giving me nostalgiabumps plus it was the last analog box they made in decades(or is it ever)

this MC looks like it can have that same attraction, just pure fun and creativity realised

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seriously…this is what my setups been missing.
I need to get back to my roots, just tweaking knobs/having a go at it with instant satisfaction, freely.
lately for longer than I’d like to admit, has been the same (boring) process w/ my workflow.
plus the portability seals the deal.
I like to spend time outdoors and often I find myself leaving a bit early, even tho I would like to stay longer, just because there’s nothing more to do. bringing this along changes that now.
summers going to be vastly more enjoyable now.
yeah! :sunrise_over_mountains: :tent: :control_knobs:


Well spotted :wink:


If I hadn’t just bought a DN Keys I’d definitely be getting this. Looks great!

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What a great company Elektron is!
Faithfully keep an already winner conception of music making devices, the two machines model since wonderful drum+mono box live on, great tradition continue, now the 299 us dollar product line complete, but
This line blurred the function between drum and synth…groove box! korg’s domination of low price groove box market (sample + synth electribe)has already been yesterday,elektron box looks better, sounds better!


plus that sequencer

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I think you’ve got it exactly right, this really does seem like a special machine and catches my interest in a way that the samples never did. I think that’s down to me owning a Digitakt and feeling that the samples was just a streamlined version of that with workflow differences, very cool but I already feel that the Digitakt is soo fast. The cycles seems so different than the Digitone intent-wise, it’s a percussion machine by design rather than having the ability to function as one like the tone. I think the team really really nailed this one.


Did I forgot to say anything about sequencer? No I didn’t! The sequencer part of any elektron machines or box were something you needn’t say an single words to praise, they were already over the top of world.

It’s already sold out on elektrons site so they must be doing something right… the sort of noisy dronish drum sounds I am hearing out of it have got me pretty excited. I might just get one once they are a more readily available.


it’s right up my street - i love tweaking and sound design and depth - but immediacy trumps all of that - playability live is key, being a guitar player it’s what i am used to - too much depth and it’s too easy to get lost - the magic is in setting the right amount of power with minimal parameters

there are a few new things to look fwd to here for me - never had ctr all - might have liked more than a custom 2op FM but i do like the flavours i hear on the videos streaming - i like the primitive/seminal analog and digital sounds rather than polished stuff - this just sounds like it will inspire and be productive

it may make me hanker for the depth of a DN but i am more drawn to this level of immediacy and predictability - the analog stuff is always easy to keep in check - this sounds like very nicely tailored macro voices getting into a good territory to complement the analog timbres i favour



Just watched a few more videos, the aggressive FM sounds are so near and dear to my heart, I think I’ll go sample some stuff from my Sega and Yammy PSS-480 into my DT to take the edge off my lust for this thing!

That’s another reason I’m feeling differently about this than the samples; the Digitakt’s ability to sample directly on the unit would be sorely missed if I had the samples only, my Digitakt is very hungry so I use the inputs CONSTANTLY and I don’t want to have to use my computer to record, trim, and upload every time I want to sample one of my synths or drum machines. With the cycles, everything is self-contained in the unit. Knowing that really gets a nice buzz going inside my brain, feels fuzzy and cozy.


This is the feeling I gathered as well. I love the sound of the Digitone when used as a percussion / drum machine, but there’s a little work involved. I could see the Model:Cycles as a dedicated drum and bassline machine for sure. This has caught my eye WAY more than the Model:Samples did. Well played Elektron. Maybe since this has retrig, the DN can get an update for it soon.


All preset patterns here, they sound great