12v power supply for multiple boxes



I currently own the Elektron A4 MKII, AR MKII and OT MKII as well as the Minitaur.
All of the Elektron boxes require 12V DC 2A (using the PSU-3b), the Minitaur requires 12V DC 1.2A.

Now I’m trying to organise my small Studio and deal with the cable mess (spaghetti monster).

Instead of running multiple 12V PSU, I would rather prefer to have only one PSU unit and use splitter cables:

Is this somehow a bad idea? Do I need some sort of controller to distribute/regulate the power for each device?

What about peak loads? In total I would need 7.2A for all four devices. Should I get a PSU with at least 9-10A in order to handle bigger loads?

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You dont need anything to regulate each device. They will only draw the current they require to run.

If all 4 devices are same 12V then all good as long as PSU can supply the current. (7200A u say, I presume you mean 7.2A). So any 12V supply that can supply above 7.2A will suit you. I would go for one like you said with a bit extra headroom.

Make sure the adaptor/splitter can handle 7.2A as well. If all boxes are on the full current will be flowing through the single end.

Just make sure polarity is same as unit. Usually center pin is positive but not always. Sure elektrons are but double check and also double check the other units.


Not sure how you calculated 7200A!

Maybe 7200mA? that’s a 1000 times less and probably more like it.

So, you just add up all the DC requirements which are given in the spec for each product, is this what you have done?

Not sure what you mean by controller/regulator as it’s DC, just plug it in, done!

Lots of 12V SMPSU’s on eBay from CH and in the main they’re fine.

I’d stick to ones made by JB POWER, may need a fan as 8-10A it quite a lot of current.

Quite a few folk would be interested in what you will end up with.

I’m surprised folk have a problem with this as it’s probably the simplest thing to do.

Making music , now that’s not simple!



With pedal boards this approach is quite usual, because the devices are small and all next to each other.

But with larger devices I’m not so sure if it helps to reduces much of the cable mess and with pre-made splitter cables you are quite restricted how your devices are positioned to each other.


Yes, don’t expect to find a pre made cable for such a task, you will have to make your own.


edit… Farnell do a 3 way HS boot, does anyone know of a 4 way?..I’ll keep looking…


This perhaps?



However cable(s) wont reach anymore than 2 devices (maybe), unless stacked?



I‘m just gonna complicate things a bit further with some hearsay.
Once had a cheap power supply for my volcas and daisy chained them together. Polarity, voltage and current all seemed fine, but it turned out the unit didn‘t deliver a clean enough DC voltage and introduced a high pitched tone into the audio of the volcas.
Got another, more expensive power supply with more outputs and galvanic isolation and everything and then they sounded clean.


Ok, thank you for the advice. I’m pretty sure the Minitaur also has positive polarity but will double-check.

Yes, was a typo =). Just a 1000x factor oops.

Not sure what you mean by controller/regulator as it’s DC, just plug it in, done!

Ok, I just wanted to double-check that. Thinking that maybe multiple devices draining current from the same unit could have bad repercussions on audio.

I will post a brief description of my setup once it’s done.

I already have such splitters: 1:4 and 1:5. The only thing I missed in the first place was that Elektron requires a 2.1 mm DC barel so I had to buy a 2.1mm to 2.5mm adapter.

I already have stands for my Elektrons and plan to drill holes in my desk for audio, midi and power cables to keep stuff clean as possible.


Sounds good.

I’m an Engineer so I’d build my own from scratch but sounds like you’ve got a good solution.

Good Luck with it.