1010music Blackbox


I like this demo, it gives me a little GAS


Mmh I missed something? I think it’s not; unless you mean using a powerbank or something like that.

I’m also interested in one for the features/portability/price but I’ll wait, I want to see how it performs in people’s hands… also want to check timestretch and slicing (as the DT workarounds are a pain in the ass).


exactly , a phone powerbank can charge it and still have a free usb host for a Keystep pro or McMillen , timestratch and everything what we asked for Digitone, the only studio station that came in mind to me comparable with this is the Roland MV8800 ( epic samplering station and sequencer ) but extremely big it can’t be moved from Studio . I feel your pain for the Digitakt i love and hate it contemporary .
Digitakt is limited as hardware and can not support radical updates like stereo samplering , Elektron need to make an MK2 while Blackbox is meant to support massive and radical updates in future like Deluge for example etc .
Elektron limits its gears as a choice so to make an mk2/mk3 with more power in a second moment while 1010music or Teenage engineering with op-1 , deluge etc they stick with a flegship product with extreme hardware power and just expand the engine with crazy features for decades and bite the new competitors, OP-1 is an example that still is a best seller , while Elektron need to invent something every year to stay in the market like model samples etc .
If Elektron would have made their boxes already powerful hardware , with just updating the Digitakt from mono to stereo samplering they would have relaunched the sales on it instead of loosing time with model samples by developing a pointless thing , but may be i m wrong and model samples is doing well on sales who knows .
Anyway i will share some comparations once i ll receive the Blackbox and if Digitakt will not sell and will still have it!


Been said too many times, but if you can’t make great sounding tunes on the DT, it ain’t the machines fault. I only sold mine because the OT took over


you can make good sounding tunes on pretty much anything if you know what you are doing. That should not be an argument.
I think I get what @Dolf is saying. Only Elektron seems to be embracing the limits :yum: and using lack of features as a good thing haha. All these gadgets are basically computers. soft running on them should be as convenient as possible and updated as time goes. I hope that more stuff like deluge and blackbox will emerge to show Elektron that packing in a lot of features is possible. This blacbox is on my radar for sure.


You took exactly what my point is , some folks react emotionally getting offended easily :rofl:, i loved Digitakt like them especially having invest some money , just would like to sample a stereo vocal from an LP if i want or to launch long steam file when performing live or to split outputs and than summing them in a proper analog board in 2019 might not be so difficult especially for such expensive gears.
Than Blackbox came offering exactly this for the price of a DT … Elektron hopefully will start thinking wisely and bring out already powerful hardwares that can handle the massive updates or upgrades based on market different request in time , for decades long by just updating the engine .
as you said they are compiuters and chips inside , though than put some good ones inside so u collect money for decades by making updates…
Imagine if Digitakt came out in 2017 as mono samplering with limited samplering time would have had an update in 2018 for Stereo samplering than in 2019 Overbridge ( may be a working one still is not possible to record clean audio in Logic pro ) and a another update maybe for somd granular capabilities , polifony and so on so forth … no body would buy any Blackbox or Deluge today etc etc Elektron would hold the monopoly for the modern stand alone groove boxes .
But Elektron instead thought , cmon let’s put a Model Samples , it will shake the market is what musicians are missing today “”” :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:


“some folks react emotionally”

Proceeds to scream in capitals towards Elektron.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

For each fool there’s a tool. The Digitakt is so wildly different to this 1010 blackbox that I can hardly see why one would compare them other than on the basis that they are both samplers.

The whole limitation argument is a strange one to me. If I design a piece of art, or a tool that creates art, should it always contain as much functionality as possible in the era of release?
To me it’s all about the design and workflow. Would I have loved for the DT to have more then 64mb ram and 127 sample slots and stereo sampling etc. ? Sure thing, but it’s designed the way it is and I’ll squeeze as much out of it as I possibly can until one day maybe a mk2 hits the market or something new that inspires me. So far the limitations have really focused my work and I’ve created my best work ever because of it.
The thing is: it’s very personal. One person thrives with endless possibilities, another by working around limitations. It’s all good. If this is the tool you have been looking for then be happy about that and go use it to its full potential :slight_smile:


the modules from 1010music have been updated massively since release, almost not even the same modules anymore, they quite legitimately earned the 2.x versioning on the new firmware for bitbox and fxbox. I have been very impressed by 1010music’s responsiveness, they are clearly paying a lot of attention - if Blackbox gets the same amount of development post-release as their modules have that $600 pricetag goes from great value to an absolute steal


Digitakt is already a big success and achievement. I love mine.
But I reckon everybody that used it has had a moment of thinking that with just a couple of tweaks this would be a machine to rule them all.
These little things that are missing here and there sometimes are hard to understand.
We live in such a advanced technologically times, computers a re so powerful.
Technology is there to solve all the little issues and yet some of the Elektrons are going against the wind (as always).
It’s just sad and I can’t understand the logic behind it.
It’s good to compare to others. Without the likes of blackbox people might think that usb hosting, touchscreens, big memory, sd cards, v. flexible sequncers etc are not possible in the boxes of this size and price. But they are possible…


I’m not sure how close to the hardware 1010music is going with their code, but afaik Elektrons go all the way down to assembly so this is potentially a significant factor in the development life cycle, and to be fair the 1010music touchscreen form-factor also makes retrofitting new features much easier. It’s much more challenging to do buttons+knobs-focused physical interface, lot more constraints and is a bit more demanding on the user, although I far prefer it as personally I’m not a fan of touchscreens. Inside the modular I don’t mind the bitbox/fxbox touchscreen as it’s mainly for deep configuration and I can control important parameters remotely via CV or MIDI when actually operating a patch


Yes, I agree that touchscreens are better for editing than performing.


Man don’t take it to seriously , those are just tools not humans or what so ever … someone get offended , someone expresses disappointment with caps lock characters etc , for u and your workflow 64mb and mono samplering is ok but for me and some other users it is limited based on how we work etc but we all agree that if DIGITAKT would have had more than 64mb , stereo samplering both type of users ME and YOU would have been more happy and elektron can keep both .
This is the purpose of my texts to express a feedback comparison to elektron as it is in their interest to enlarge their market , and not to judge other users work flow or needs but in the same time others can not judge mine , for you is fine and enough 64mb but for me that i need to sample vocals from LP having mono samplering is basic limitations to the work flow . Cheers and enjoy music those are just tools no need to be too serious


micht be nice for backing tracks and looping for song transition


Just having a conversation mate. Disagreement is totally fine. No idea where you got the idea that I’m "too serious":+1:t2::blush:


Because sensationalist millennials.

Adding to the list of annoyance are the terms:

Literally (used to mean the exact opposite)

A “no-brainer”, I have to physically (yes, literally) roll my eyes at this one.

And thinking a ‘song mode’ will unleash their true musical potential that’s been trapped inside them for years. Even though plenty of people can do hour+ long sets of quality music without it.


Ha! I get that. Funny, I’ve been meaning to learn the Arranger on my OT, but I really enjoy crafting a tune with a few patterns and a boatload of scenes. Just feels more organic and musical to me. And really fun.
The Digitakt got me back into electronic music in a big way. I only played live with it a couple times, but it was fun and not difficult to come up with a 40 minute set without song mode. My personal challenge to myself during that set was to only use one sample of myself playing bass guitar into the DT. Just wanted to see how much mileage I could get out of a single sample. Turned out to be quite a bit of mileage.
Not that song mode is a ‘bad’ feature. If someone finds that important, get a machine that offers it instead of dissing a machine that doesn’t. It’s not a features contest. Get what works for you :slight_smile:
Heck, Model;Samples is much more ‘limited’ but I’ve heard some mind blowing jams done on that box alone


I’m trading my SP404A for this.

Almost feels off topic to say so. But I’m gonna put myself out there and say it anyway.


As someone who was considering the 404 before finding the Blackbox, can I ask you what differences specifically swayed you?


As much as I enjoy the SP404A for its effects, straight on recording and editing style and its portability, it’s still an instrument that struggles with coherence when you go beyond the recording and editing. You just need to pair it with something else to get beyond building cool samples, even though there’s a sequencer there.

I’m a singular guy, so I like my gear to be self contained, and then become something greater than their whole when paired with others. So in the end, writing something beyond just loops and clips on the SP404 just became a chore for me.

I still keep it around for recording stuff and reworking samples. It has a nice character. But the Blackbox price is close to the SP404, I can get a good deal for my SP404 around here and the Blackbox just does a lot more of the things that I appreciate when working with samples.


I think the blacbox looks useful because you could stream really long samples, like if you cut up bedtracks of a song to perform over with some other gear. But seriously 4 or 2 note polyphony? That’s a hard limitation to get past, unless you ‘only’ used it for single bedtracks. It certainly doesn’t replace anything Elektron has, or an MPC, or even an SP404 for that matter.