1010music Blackbox


This is the Rossum sampler:

One of the newer modules is this - I think however most peeps would consider this a resynthesizer, not a sampler


I read that he was looking at doing a new sampler


When I read about the Panharmonium, I sorta thought “new sampler” too


Combined with a more basic sampling module, it would make a decently complex sampler.


As an an Elektron owner and fan , have to admit that BLACKBOX by 1010Music literally kills in features my Digitakt and Digitone
Unless Elektron will upgrade the sequencer capabilities of DT / DN similar to the Sequentix Cirklon the , Blackbox ( aka everything what i would wish to have in Digitakt) , is going to put under shadow our beloved Elektron that has some super stupid limitations.
Meanwhile we are dreaming to have a time division / arp through Midi in Digitone and stereo samplering in Digitakt , blackbox delivers the following list of capabilities with the cost of 600€:

  1. AD/DA 32bit 48khz
  2. STEREO SAMPLERING ( are u listening Elektron)
  3. 4 stereo output
  4. Unlimited sampler size ( cpu limitations and sd card limitations )
  5. Support big size SD card
  6. USB midi host
  8. 4 note polifony
  9. Upgradable platform, may be for some future granular syntheses possibilities.
  10. Battery powered
  11. SONG MODE :heart_eyes:, not a groove box for just jamming you ca literally finish proper professional tracks with vocals etc ready for the sound engineer.

I v put immediately on sale Digitakt after seeing the looppop tutorial and Ricky Tinez today performance on the blackbox, will keep the Digitone hoping they will upgrade the capabilities but yes i am a bit off from Elektron developers when seeing those new gears coming out .

Check blackbox


Specs vs ergonomy, not sure if there is a winner here…
Workflow seems somewhat less convenient…

They will pair with each other very well though… :slight_smile:


I think the BlackBox looks rad, but I don’t see why new gear has to be a something else killer


Stereo Samplering on the Digitakt is the only think I dream. And maybe a kind of USB overbridged box extension that add 8 analog outputs for DT and DN.


It looks super powerful but for me the Digitakt is just the perfect size, small enough to get into your backpack but still kinda big so that you feel comfortable playing on it. The Blackbox is wayyyy too tiny for my hands.

But yeah it has a lot of super great features and could easily replace the DT as the brain of a complex setup. (the only thing I’m really jealous about is the polyphony)


Wildly different workflow.
I would never perform live on something that needs a touch screen. But that is of course personal.

If that device is what you have been dreaming of, than that’s perfect right :slight_smile: . We kive in golden times.


I’ve had a series 1 1010 module for about a year and a half now, it’s pretty slick (have used mainly as bitbox and FXbox) but my experience with it leads me to believe taking these ideas outside of the modular environment with the blackbox is a bit dicey given the limited i/o, although I find my tastes are rather abstract so most users probably wouldn’t care about the things I might find annoying

I think it is excellently priced for the functionality though, if they released this as a legit euro module with proper i/o I’d be awfully curious, but it’d probably cost a good chunk more, since this is basically combining 2 or 3 of their modules into a single design


I feel what you think about… but Electronic Instruments are not Electronics. Feature set is just a part of instruments.

Anyway i like that machine as sketch pad.


I thought the same about the touchscreen but watching the Ricky Tinez video it looks much better than i thought , Digitone is not really the most performance sampler on the market is more something in between tactile and menu diving .
Blackbox for me for sure as sampler , hope they will listen and implement the Digitone sequencer similar to cirklon because while Digitakt can be boring due to limitations, Digitone with the 2 mono inputs can be a great performing summing maschine in conjunction with an analog synth and a proper sampler ( Blackbox for me ) but they should add timedivision / arp and a sequencer with more advanced capabilities etc ( ELEKTRON PLEASE PLEASE THE DIGITONE SEQUENCER LIKE CIRKLON :kissing_heart:) and i ll buy the Digitone Keys too as it is and feels gorgeous.


Nice box, hope it wont kill anyone… :wink:


likewise unless its exclusively for effects, and personally I cant see myself working with a small touch screen like that one in the studio either. Probably inconvenient if you have other options when working at a desk.
Seems cool if you need a portable, dawless all in one solution, which I know a lot of people ask for.


I’m considering getting one. My initial thinking was to have a small box to hold a ton of samples for when I run out of tracks on the OT. Also figured on sequencing it from OT. After watching Enrique’s video it struck me that it could be a great scratch pad device to take on the road as well.


Stopped reading after this


Thinking about getting one as well, sort of as a sample player to work with my Octatrack and for mobile-messing-about.

I wouldn’t want to sell my Digitakt for this though, at least not as far as I can see atm.


Here is another video , the touchscreen is more for lounching clips and the 4 encoders are enough tactile for parameters value change … placed the preorder at Thomann, tho the price is a bit more expensive than 599 hope worth!!
Can’t wait to test Blackbox + Digitone + Moog voyager rack :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: might have found the definitive sweet spot and stop checking other gears :sweat_smile:.


Man, I tell myself that little comforting thought also every time I purchase something new… “This one thing and I’ll be set and won’t need to think about new gear ever again…”

Just know you’re lying to yourself :smile: :wink: