1000 sound pack for Digitakt?


I ran into this the other day, and it looks very promising.

Has anyone tried these? I really like the way they are organized.

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Yes I have. got the full pack and love it! Highly recommended.
I posted something here in this thread - Share your tunes


Awesome! I just installed it, and I’m really happy with it so far.


its just nice to have all this work done with all the samples tweaked and saved as SOUND PRESETS and arranged in banks ready to go.

Imagine the time it would take you to sit and create that much content even from samples you already have in the DIgitakt… simply creating that many presets…hours…n hours…


Thanks, I’m going to get this too.

One of the parts of the Digitakt that slows me down is importing sounds. I sometimes have to do a sample import session first before wrighting a beat.

Does anyone know how to create a sysex file of your own sample folders in so you can have your own custom sounds pre mapped to the banks in the same way as the video please? I’m on a Mac and I have octachainer, which I’m just learning also.



It’s an excellent pack particularly as it’s so small in file size, leaving plenty of room for other samples.


Took him a year apparently to just do the drum sounds!


With no breaks?


Probably not!
While you’re here is there a wide variety of sounds? He likes his Dub Techno from the looks of it.


Yeah I think so. Most are kicks snares and hats all nicely arranged. Then a few banks of single cycle wave forms that sound great, and a lo-fi bank of 256 presets.
They work out at 5 cents per preset. Great value to me.


A few things I’ve noticed…

128 samples fills up quick when your trying a lot of sounds! :slight_smile:
I wish the Digitakt could play the highlighted sound like it does for samples when the sequencer is rolling.
That would help to find that perfect snare without having to add the sample each time.

Speaking of snares I wish there were a few more acoustic ones, but overall it’s a great collection of sounds (and I’ve only heard about 300 of them so far), and as you said it’s a very reasonable price.

I agree on the synths, as there are lots of great sounding leads, and basses. I had a lot of fun with those so far. This guy deserves my money.

Back to snares :wink:
Up here on Elektron I grabbed Dalek-hits https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/dalek-hits/ and that’s really great for the price IMO.
There are a few snares in there, that I really love.

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I bought the pack yesterday, seems really legit so far and me like the kicks, big time!


I wanted to buy all the samples last week but when I carefully listened his demo, I had doubt about the “mastering” quality of every sounds.

Am I the only one ?


func+yes to preview sounds shouldn’t load the associated samples into the project sample slots if I remember correctly.


[FUNC]+[YES] works for preview, but you need to tap it to the rhythm. I know it’s being really picky, but I’ve been surprised when I hit [YES] and listen to it in the mix.

A small thing, but it would be cool if holding [FUNC]+[YES] played the notes from the active track :slight_smile: Right now it blanks the active track sound.
(I feel sorry for the Elektron devs, they must hate us :stuck_out_tongue:).


I originally bought the Lo-Fi (256samples) for use with the Model:Samples, which i have since sold and bought a Digitakt. I have now bought the full 1,000 pack now and really like the sounds, I find them instantly very useable. The Kicks are especially punchy, I have the black eyes to prove it :wink:


Using this pack I’ve realised that sounds from your sound pool are not affected by CTRL-ALL when you lock them in.


Parameter locks are not affected by ctrl+all either.