1/4 inch tip stuck in socket


Looking for any suggestion to get it out… :frowning:

A 1/4 inch cable broke in the R output of my Octatrack the other day after a show and the tip is still in.
I live in Asia and it’s the third time it happens with those poor quality cables used in the venues here…

The tip is stuck inside and there is no way to have a proper grip to make it come out. I opened the OT to see if it is accessible from inside the machine but it looks like I could damage something trying this [ there is plastic protecting it ]

I have read some suggestions like using super glue and a stick, which seems like a good idea but could also go wrong

if anyone experienced/fixed this, please let me know
I have many gigs coming up and I need to use the headphones output for cue…


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Good luck!

The tip of a telecable broke off when I pulled the cable out and is now stuck inside the input to octatrack! Tried pulling it out with tweezers but no luck and afraid to ruin something.

What the devil do I do? Is it a bad idea to open it up?

This happened to me once on a mixer with the tip of a headphone adaptor. Tweezers did not work, but I was able to extract the tip with the help of a screw, which I very carefully introduced, and which allowed me to pull out the tip. For the size, I checked with another headphone adaptor.


That sucks! I made myself short TRS cables with quality Neutrik jack and plugs https://www.neutrik.com/de/produkt/nj3fc6

I’d go for the superglue try. Else open up and break the plastic hull of the jack away until you can push the piece out.

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I am not sure if a magnet is safe for the OT but if the tip is magnetic maybe that could work…

If it’s safe and the tip is magnetic I would come in from the side so that it doesn’t rip out, then slowly pull once the magnet has influence on the tip.

EDIT: Seems that a screw is the “accepted” method. I didn’t realize you meant just the very top. That’s awful…

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That’s the trick I use.

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Aaaaaah! Yesterday I want to unplug my Headphones from OT
Wasn’t aware that this could happen:

Tell me whats wrong with that pic:

Jepp, something is missing.

Any advise how to get it out of the headphone jack??? :sad:
I haven’t tried anything (for the moment I am just pissed!)

Open her up, pry it out from the inside.

Tell me whats wrong with that pic:

Its a bit dark, too much contrast, I think a little dodge and burn will help. I also think the composition isn’t the best.

What I noticed though is that the tip of your plug is missing. You should get that out dude! As its hollow, a screw should do the trick.

Hope you get the picture corrected


hahaha the best! thanks :slight_smile:

will try the screw trick when I am at home and report back

something like this could be your friend


Yeah, a self tapping screw will usually do the trick there without having to open the box up.

@OverUnity, @unbesbai, @loopdude, @Microtribe

I opened it and remove the plug :slight_smile: was afraid of digging around.
Thanks all!


Was it easy enough to get it out doing that? I’m not sure if the OT inside layout is the same as that of the A4mk2 but was there anything blocking it inside when you open it up?

I did the same thing to one of my CV out jacks of the A4 a few days after I bought it, I’ve never got round to getting it sorted. Elektron were kind enough to offer to remove it for free but I still would have had to pay uk to Sweden shipping. I’ve now gone beyond the warranty so I may as well try opening it myself now that I’ve no warranty to void. Providing it’s reasonably risk free?

nope, just removed the screws - raised the top layer carefully - there are 2 connectors to the bottom layer. you will see it :slight_smile:
straight pull on both and that’s it

the jack itself was more complicated. I used some toss and tweeters (getting the toss around all connectors) to gentle lift the connectors all at the same time.