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0-Day Sysex, an open source music label where the music is not only for your ears, but for your machines as well.

The first release is by yours truly - an acidic braindance journey called Mindmelt. This is the classic IDM stuff some of you have heard, and have been asking me to release. Well, I’m happy to finally have the pleasure of doing so, and with some flair too!

Mindmelt is a live set performed on two Digitones and the project SysEx data (54 patterns) is included in the download, as well as the individual Sounds as separate files. (~100)

You could say it’s like an album and a soundpack rolled into one.
Please have fun with it, and thank you for your support!

More releases planned, keep your eyes and ears peeled…
Maybe you even have some stuff you would like to release? Don’t be afriad to say hi@0-day.xyz


deadly. lookin forward to giving this a spin :slightly_smiling_face::metal:t3:

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Me too - looking forward to the new sounds!

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This is now in my machine and it is so cool! Well worth the buy!!


That’s really cool for me too! Thank you!


Not only is sharing the project files an ingenious idea, but the tracks are absolutely great.


These tracks are great! And cool idea for a label too!

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amazin tunes Ess. I’m really digging this album. jus bought it :+1:t3::+1:t3:

[and now I’m finally gonna figure out how to get that DN acid squelch] :sunglasses::ok_hand:t4:


you are a hero simon ! digitone master and great musician. kudos !

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Mindmelting music, I can’t begin to fathom how how you made some of those intense patterns. Fav track is Pole, I love how you end it with that slower groove

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Nice work. James Pullen (mistabishi) has been releasing data files for his albums for quite some time. Its literally mind blowing what he can do with just an old Korg EMX1.

Im still exploring the digitone, love it!


Thanks everyone for the kind words!

@Microtribe Oh, right! That’s awesome. I remember watching some ‘masterclass’ with him many years ago. I think I got it with a Computer Music magazine?? Maybe I’ve dreamt this. In any case, he was talking about how he sampled a basketball hitting a wall from a documentary and used it as a kick. Inspirational guy.

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That’s such a great idea. Is there some kind of tutorial or guide for sharing SysEx files with the community? I asked about how we could share patches with each other on another thread but it didn’t get much traction.

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@craig In the “Files” tab (right from “Media”)


Thanks! I need to get on a computer, then. Doesn’t exist on mobile version.

Edit: I can access Files through the hamburger menu drop down thingy :ok_hand:

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Wow @Ess the alarm first track was some whipping in the morning!

The album reminds me a bit of AFX / Datach’i with a pinch of game soundtrack, really dig this sound…
Oh, and I love the open-source spirit!

The source data is provided as-is and can be used without restriction.
Fuck it up and call it your own, we don’t care.



Splendid. Did purchased and realised, I need 2nd Digitone :wink: Respect to the “we do not care what you do with it” :wink: Amazing. Thank you! Tracks are wicked. Were these mixed by Linus Andersson as well as Lone Tracks Vol 1?


did it happen to be a Bucephalus Bouncing Ball? :wink: . At any rate, I haven’t listened to the project files yet, but the glitchy / afx style stuff you’ve been putting out recently is really inspiring me. My next project will have some songs heavily inspired by @Ess and old school Drukqs era Aphex Twin. Just need to detune my synths more


@mp thanks! yeah, I think it makes things much more interesting if there are no restrictions - both for me and whoever buys it. :smiley:

Linus did the mastering for the Auvrel tape in 2018, yes - amazing mastering engineer and all-around great guy! But no, this release is just me.

@Cepheid haha, maybe so! Sounds like you could really use a lot of the sounds in the release then, I would especially recommend you to check out how portamento has been used in a few patterns to achieve microtonality.


Really cool tracks and sound programming! Instant buy :slight_smile:
@Ess I asked on Instagram but it was probably a bit clumsy (sorry if it’s the case). I’ll rephrase : Do you use (or see the point of using) two MIDI cable to have perfect sync with turbo MIDI, or one cable and regular MIDI is enough?