0-Day Sysex - open source music label

Must have missed that, sorry!
I think one cable is fine. Haven’t really compared though.


This is such a cool idea! Id love to see more stuff like this! Sounds awsome as well, great job Ess!


I love the track “Bell” right around 2 minute mark when it goes all melodic braindance on you. A thing of beauty. I’d say Portamento for the Digitone was one of the best updates and I think most would agree.

Serious Drukqs vibes on “Pitch” then they second half gets nice a mellow with the pad. This is such great work!

I need to step up game with my Digitone, dang…


@Ess do I need to back up my digitone projects before loading this?
Will my projects still be accessible on the my digitone with this on it?

No, just save the current project you are working on and then create a new one - send the sysex and that’s it :slight_smile:


Great idea!

Cool idea!

It gets better every day.
Now that I got over the first discovery moment, I’m measuring how far I am to synthesize such sounds, starting with the siren intro -`д´-

Very fortunately, there’s a sysex to dissect :smiley:

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I really enjoy that album a lot. can listen to it from the beginning to the end and repeat… totally appreciate your musicianship.
not even interested in the sysex that much, very satisfied with my first bandcamp purchase ever :slight_smile:


I’m honestly very surprised at how simple a lot of the patches are. Just goes to show less is more!

I tried to load all the sysex files at once, I dont think that worked. Maybe it only takes one at a time and then you have to save it and reload a new project to accept the next sysex?

Anyway, as I mentioned before, sharing data files for album releases isnt new, and some people thought it would be the future of electronic music. I think conceptually, it is a very pure form of distribution. Straight from your machine to my machine.

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a timeline where Rephlex never died, the internet was never centralized and things just grew weirder as a result.

Love this idea. I miss those days. This music definitely takes me back. Incredible work.

OverBridge to mix?

Any external fx used? The reverb sounds on this are achingly beautiful.


If there was 2 Digitones used to produce this, is there 2 separate sysex files?

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Yes. Two seperate files.
No external fx.
And from what I can hear… no clicking either…


Really happy to go through the settings.

Just one thing I don’t get, maybe I’m dreaming but in the vary last (musical pattern B13 on T4), there is full wet reverb going on, which I thought was not possible.

if I turn the reverb mix all the way down there is no sound, once opened sound is passing through, which I get to get to get this effect, but how is the sound not coming through without the reverb, where does it get muted?

I guess you mean the audio routing options where you can disable the track sounds from passing to main, but send effects still going there. Check the manual for 10.7.7 AUDIO ROUTING (PATTERN) / ROUTE TO MAIN.


yes that it, thanks!



what a journey … op-z + Digitone A

Brings me right back to studying for Organic Chemistry finals with Drukqs on repeat. Not the best to study to when the music keeps sending you into a 30-minute trance :slight_smile:

Loving the album both musically and technically - I appreciate the bold sound engineering going on with the Digitone. Now to dive into your Sysex and figure out how you got those ratcheting drums to work so consistently, there must be some trick to it. Smashing job!


Finally got a chance to listen to Mindmelt (while making soup the other night) and damn this is good… congrats, Ess, really strong material here… almost makes me regret selling my DN, I’d actually like to check your data to get organizational tips!

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