Zoom ARQ


Techno Tambourine


It does look like a tamborine robot vacuum. If I get one, I’ll jam with your wife with her vacuum. We’ll do a vs comparison video lols


I’d break it the first day, thinking it’s a Tron disc and throwing it at somebody. lol

But how fun does it look when you’re hiting it like a tambourine tho. The more I watch it the more I’m getting intrigued. Must. Stop. Watching. Zoom arq videos. This thing, it’s like forcing you to buy it the more you watch it.
“Next on Star Trek”


That’s why I thought I would ask here. There’s not that many videos on it compared to other things but there’s some videos that make it look really interesting and for the price it seems pretty good to me.


Personally when I first heard about it, I watched a few videos of it trying to see how it presented new methods of making music. I’m a pretty big zoom fan after having their field recorders.

However, I didn’t find anything substantive, personally speaking. But, if it looks good to you, then you should grab it as Zoom makes pretty quality stuff(based on their field recorders & microphones)


Out of all the videos, I thought this one did a pretty good job showing it’s features and how they can be used.


It certainly looks like a good option if you don’t have any other hardware


Don’t forget the Zoom multitrack recorders.
They were pretty solid. It was either Zoom or Tascam as your top choices.
They’re still putting out new ones too so that’s kind of cool.


Never messed with them- but they look hecka cool

How about their 360 recorder they’re coming out with? Looks cool!


I think I’m probably the only one here excited to wear this thing on my head lols I think I might go for it, it seems pretty cool and small to take with me when I don’t want to grab a bunch of things. And I don’t have much experience with loopers so it would be interesting playing with that too


Well my favourite saying ever is to ‘be a purple cow’
Well this is multicoloured, striped and polka dotted
Love it


We want video footage of head techno tambourine vacuum antics or it never happened


I will if I buy it and I probably will buy it aha I could picture changing the filter or other effects with the ring would be a good neck stretch in the morning lols


I ended up buying one so I could make fun of it in person. Think of it as a 32 channel sequencer sampler synth drum machine. Along same lines as an electribe. It’s good except for it’s almost fatal flaw which is midi. Still for $250 it’s actually pretty cool. Wouldn’t use if for live performance and a couple of bugs regarding swing and amp envelopes, but I don’t feel ripped off.


What’s wrong with the midi?


When connected to computer via usb, you can use the ring as a midi controller.
Issues arise when trying to sequence the zoom with the editor (pretty useful) open, as it blocks messages from your DAW. There is a workaround that was documented on Gearslutz for getting it to work, I had problems with it, but tried again and got it working eventually.

Check post 157 for method…


When you’re wearing this thing around your waist like a giant hula hoop glow stick who needs midi I always say


I dunno how small you are but there’s no way in hell I’d be able to fit that around my waist, even if I lost the beer gut…


Suck it in mate you’ll be right


It does look like it’d be pretty great as headwear though, could really enhance my “techno angel” character.

The discount is ridiculous as well… almost along the lines of being able to get those Casio starship things for $75.