Zoom ARQ


I have a small waist but there’s just no way, they would need to make a hoola hoop version lols I guess it could work as waist training or as a form of torture in it’s current state


I want one of these too…but a bit redundant with octatrack also in the studio. No midi din plug annoys me and stops me buying too. But price is low and fun factor seems high.


In the video I saw they said if you have a usb to midi convertor that it works, otherwise I think you have to midi out from the computer with the arq hooked up to it through usb. I love my octatrack, it was really the price that made me look at this. But it seems to have a mix of features that are useful and neat


Yes but it means buying another piece of gear. I would mainly use it stand alone. It seems to sample well so just pull sounds into arq and design stand alone.


Agreed… its fun as a standalone, which is what I got it for, and I also respected the risky love or hate take on the design. Its actually pretty quick to get grooves up and happening when you get a bit of muscle memory going, and I would say its a little easier than the OT in some respects. The software actually makes for a pretty good sequence builder/sound editor also.

Sure the ridicule coming from the peanut gallery might be a little off-putting to some, but for such a low price to feature ratio, its worth being laughed at.



Tom Ellard dives in: tomellard.com/wp/2019/03/man-cave-ring-a-ring-a-rosie/


I’ve had the deluge, circuit, electribe emx, I have the op-1, op-z, digitakt and tone, MD, A4, MPC live, model samples etc. (I’m a groovebox addict) and this one is DEFINITELY the most underrated. It isn’t the best, but considering the price, the functionality, the fun and how little I see this synth in videos and posts, this thing needs to be experienced by more people!

For $200 this thing is as under priced as the op-1 was overpriced at $1350.

I think the 2.0 update is what changed everything. I picked one up from guitar center, this thing is unbelievably cool! It’s so much fun and very immediate, and the amount of different things it can do is incredible. It’s super stylish and the screen is op-1 esque.

I also picked up the arq-48 which is more expensive even though it’s the “cheaper” model. Much more based on live playing but also fun. I like the 96 more so much but am having a lot of fun with each one. Anyway just wanted to throw in my thoughts!


Amazon Germany is selling this for 118,74€ at the moment. New! A steal!

Zoom ARQ 96 at Amazon Germany


Worth a flutter at that price; even to dismantle and circuitbend into a more respectable looking box shaped device.


Unfortunately I couldn’t resist, from raised eyebrow at its €600 launch and having resisted at €199 a few months ago on the first price crash … ordered based on your link at €118 and just took delivery.

I’m not sure what other devices with similar functionality are available at >€120, it is, at the very least, going to be fun to explore.

So far, having powered on, upgraded to 2.20 and started messing with it - it is bizarre but very good