Your setups


it‘s misleading. it‘s connected to my mac.
I still use it with the OT cause it has great acoustic sounds in its equator software and I like to sample and manipulate acoustic sounding material.


It’s the Alex desk from Ikea. I put the Heat in the drawer to show you that a Digitakt would fit fine.
I did have to cut away some of the back panel of each drawer to make room for cables but if you do that before you assemble the drawers it’ll be cake. The desk has a cable storage well with a cover that runs the length of the desk. It’s awesome. Run the cables from the drawers into the cable well. Never see any of them.


Thanks for you’re explanation. Yeah, i also like to sample acoustic sounds, mostly real acoustic though :wink:


I updated my mothership a bit again. OCD proof now :). Analog heat will stay on the master output but outside of the case.


I want to see it with the mixer in the middle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha :slight_smile:
So used to this now I actually think it looks better. It’s also more logical and faster regarding workflow. I’m not only mixing from track to track but merging and morphing everything together. So I need everything close by


The way you have it now looks fantastic. Such a perfect and compact setup!
I am very jealous of your DB4. :slight_smile:

(If I ever made a rig like this I would have my Virus Ti2 above the DN & DT)


So tidy man.

I have a similar setup in this case, there’s so many cables showing that people think I have a modular in there.

I don’t.


Model:Lamp leaked image???



Damn, Dave. That is sexy.


made a studio under my bed


Why no Octatrack?


Since buying a Digitakt I considered it thoroughly multiple times.

It would be a long post explaining it in detail. I think the octatrack is an epic piece of gear and still unparalleled in what it can do. But a few vital things keep me from going for it. Here’s hoping that Elektron will someday create something similarly powerful with all the goodness from the digitakt and more. :). But for now I’m more than happy with what I have here.


Hope the bed doesn’t collapse


No way! The loft bed is so solidly built, it barely even moves when I climb onto it! :tongue:


No speakers?


Yes they are placed on the right with my modular. I’m usually facing that direction while writing music. I have Yamaha MSP5 Powered Studio Monitors and they sound great in this compact surrounding. I’m super satisfied with this setup, it opened up so much room in my apartment. Everything is within reach and I much more productive. Studio sprawl is now a thing of the past! :grinning:


So, after trying and failing to do something worthwhile for the Nauts Vs Clock challenge, I decided to give up on that and re-organise the setup in prep for the next EP I’m going to work (in parallel with some collab stuff with my pal). So, I thought some fresh photos:

I was unsure how ergonomic it would be having to reach a bit to get to the Elektron/Ambika stuff but it’s actually no bother.

So, these are the instruments I’ll use for the next EP… MD UW, Ambika, Digitone, MinilogueXD, Volca Drum and Craft2.0. I also intend to use Plogue Chipsynth’s (PortaFM and hopefully it sounds like the Megadrive one might come out soon too) and Arturia’s Farfisa emulation.

Yeah, I bought the beer because of what it’s called and the can… but it was pretty nice actually.


First post. New to music production. Obviously mind is blown with a minimal setup. What do you think might be better to add. A Volca modular but I have Ripplemaker app. Do you find you need to tweak something like a volca modular or just let a pattern play? Ripplemaker app loses its sequencer in AU mode. Maybe other Brams bros apps could re-sequence it if needed. Or… a Volca sample for one shot glitchy or voice samples as im not sure if something like Chameleon sampler can be placed on a grid or sequencer. Or something like Blackbox but thats 500 just for a few samples but may offer some extra structure for songs. Or none. A volca modular seems like more but I have Ripplemaker and Volca Sample might be needed if theres no apps that can be used in AUM etc as not bought a DAW yet and not too bothered really. The space is there for a Volca or Blackbox and thats it.