Your setups


Tascam Model 24, analog mixer with multitrack usb interface and multitrack sd recorder. great sounding


That thing is tempting the hell out of me



Whoa! A Ms. Pacman arcade cabinet next to your studio. That’s cool!

We used to have a Star Trek pinball machine on loan in our studio lounge as a local bar was in between spaces and they needed storage space for their three pinball machines. We naturally volunteered to hold one for them. It was a beautiful distraction.


We had an Arkanoid table top in ours :slight_smile:


My new setup. Got rid of A4mk2, Push2, Behringer audio interface. Kept the AH and DT, obv.

Replaced with (for basically the same money, give or take):
Nord Rack 2X, Moog Minitaur, MOTU 828x Akai APC40.

Also added MD, TR8, and some random old bits from eBay inc DR55, and the tape delay unit.

It feels like a great setup now, great All racked and routed through the patch bay so I can spend the summer cranking out some finished tunes.


I’m going to re-arrange things so that I can have a go at doing Nauts vs Clk but thought I’d take some photos beforehand.

The main U around the desk of DN/DT around to the MinilogueXD is what I tend to use most.

And the ‘subs bench’…


That’s piled high with all the toppings :drooling_face:


Im almost done updating my 10 year old gear. Need a digital polysynth with broad soundscape and im done, any suggestions? I have hiphop backround, but now making slower electronic music.
First jam with rytm :slight_smile:


first thing’s first: get that Polivoks out of the corner and fire it up!


The original Turntable on speaker feedback setup :crazy_face:


Needs repairing :slight_smile:


Very nice :).

How are you using the Akai?


Less and less. When i run out of tracks or want fat sound…


Very clean setup! Let me know if you ever want rid of the UC4, been looking for one for ages :v:


Nice setup.

Have you considered the Digitone as your digital polysynth with a broad soundscape? Even if you were to ignore the sequencer, the synth itself is incredibly versatile.


Yes, but i think i have enough elektrons already ;p


You and I seem to have pretty similar taste in instruments! I like your setup and the tune you posted, good stuff :ecstatic:

I haven’t been able to afford one, but have always wanted a Prophet 12. Used ones seem to be getting pretty reasonably priced nowadays. Might be worth a shot. It’s definitely got you covered by versatility and depth.


Roland system 8?


That’s an insanely eagle-eyed spot!!