Your setups


it’s a Case from Moog, 60HP. it’s kinda the same from the DFAM and M32 but without a power supply. the power supply Module is on the far left, a 4ms Row Power 40. all 3 cases are mounted in a 3 tier rack, from Moog as well. and the Stereo outputs of either the Black Stereo Mixer or Black Hole DSP are always connected to my Compter Interface (sometimes a Mackie 1402 VLZ4 Mixer) via a Y adapter Cable. runs through Ableton Life


nope, you can get those already emptied :wink:


Are those orange TRS cables that’s connected into the OT? What kind are they?




It’s an unbalanced dual 1/4 cable by Cordial



Hahah, water, actually!


Missing the more “simpler days.”


Definitely. Looks like a headache.


Yeah i think the first picture looks like something i could work with. I learned pretty quickly that around 3-5 different synths or drum machines is about as much as i can handle and still be productive


I really liked the wood tray ideas and absolutely hate wires so I made this for my moving around between basement bar and outside rig. I can easily replace power packs with a battery pack for DN and it’s completely portable.

Made the entire project with my left hand as I destroyed my right shoulder painting of all things. My left, as with other things, was not great using a jig saw so the cuts aint perfect but I’ll live with it for now. Not sure what color to stain it yet, kinda like it as is. When shoulder is better i’m going to drill some small holes on side and bottom for air flow. Also going to add handles on the side once stained.

Edit: added pick to show front cutout for 404 input, SD and headphones jacks. Though it shows how bad I did lefty.


You could earn a living making stuff like this! Well done!

Hope you heal up soon…


recently moved my set up around, besides the mess of cables behind everything, enjoying the way it turned out.


Studio B :smiley:


That Vermona…like it, huh?


Best sounding Oscillators and Filter in my Studio.


I was afraid you’d say that


How do you like the Deepmind? I just got the Digitakt & Digitone, but the Deepmind is up next.


Well, it‘s a full analog 12 voice Poly with a great FX Engine. I like it a lot! It sounds amazing! The sound is 100% what i like to do with … the modulation is also very capable. Go to a music store and test it. it‘s worth to do that.

i love every single piece in my Studio… :wink:

My latest tune:


Here’s a snapshot of what’s on my desk at the moment.

It isn’t a lot compared to some of the setups I’ve seen in this thread. I do have other gear not pictured. In fact, I just put away my Novation Circuit (not the Mono Station shown) because I kind of can’t stand the old Nova synths anymore now that I’m dealing with the epic goodness that is a Digitone. Setting aside the lovely sound, being able to edit the synths in the box is what I need for some REAL workflow.

On a related note, I hadn’t turned on the MPC Live for a few days now since I got the Digitone. As I mentioned in another thread, the idea of all that menu diving and bloated workflow is making me physically nauseous now that I’m grooving with the Elektron. I’m into minimal setups so if I’m not using it, the MPC is going off my desktop very soon. Right now, it’s too much of a “tries to be everything” box for me when all I want to do with my hardware is make some real electronica.

The Digitone is quickly becoming my centerpiece, and I love the Keystep with it. I’m also starting to get a feel for how the Circuit Mono Station is going to play VERY nicely with the Digitone. Having the per-pattern settings for audio input levels and fx on the Digitone is brilliant and means I don’t have to use a mixer for live performance.

I’m actively getting away from sample-based music and even after just 3 or 4 days, I can tell that the Digitone is just right for letting me get to “my” preferred sound. There’s something that’s just so lively and fresh about it, and I’m amazed at how much variation can be packed into just a single pattern.

Live synth performance FTW!