Your setups


USB hosts and MIDI processors. things like custom Launchpad Pro layouts are done via Axoloti patches.
one of them also used to generate metronome signal and mix it to earphones.


The OT mk ii looks really sexy, I don’t need/want it but still…


What stand do yo have the Digitwins (ugh) and the Keystep on?


The Keystep is on a laptop stand like this (EDIT: as is the laptop):

The Digis are on a IKEA stand (EDIT: as is the Octatrack):


Updated my setup with a Push 2. It controls the Organelle which is running the fantastic Orac 2.0 patch. Little modular (incl. Mutable Instruments patches) in a box. Love it.


The digi-combo with the side panels and the black keystep look like a proper all-in-one workstation :heart_eyes:


What stand is that for the Digis?

I’m still trying to sort out how to get mine squared away…


Bought from a company called mus-wood but it seems they don’t do this stuff anymore. Website is offline.


That’s too bad - they’re pretty. Thank you for checking and responding. :slight_smile:


Ok they just renamed the business:


what’s your op-1 resting on? i like its legs


Especially i like that wishbone chair.



oohh that mixer is mighty


I finally understood that dawless is not for me. But I still can jam with the digis without pc.


Wow what an incredible setup. I have the manther but had to sell the DFAM because i earn such a small wage :’(


Agreed, what is it?


MasterSounds radius 4V. Heavy investment but it’s the rug that ties the room together sonically. I can mix live takes to good enough quality to send for mastering, this takes years off my project schedule! It sounds fantastic, sums audio and is very tactile hands on experience.


It’s taken 3-4 years to put together - the main place I’m saving money is not buying computers, audio cards an software which become obsolete so quickly. I want a setup I can still use years down the road. Then the money doesn’t seem so bad.


that is an awesome bit of tube driven kit. Seems like much more than a rug :smiley: