Your setups


Looks amazing!


Looks good. How does it sound?


I was looking through the posts in this thred and noted it documents the lifecycle of the dark trinity that starts with the rise of the dark trinity, then the massive presence of the dark trinity, then the fading of the dark trinity and now where you only see one of them once in a while.

Long live the dark trinity :kissing_heart:!


I really love it. it went through many changes and pedal swap-outs to get here but I’m finally content/don’t have the incessant need of breaking it down and rebuilding every week anymore hah. I like to create a looped drone from the sirin and layer it a few times on top to make it thicker, then use the particle on one of its weird/glitchy hold functions using my guitar and layer that onto the looper as well. throw the digitakt into the mix with drums/samples while that triggers melodys from the sirin. the looper helps to get me more out of the sirin. I also love having different sounding reverbs processing the separate tracks/channels. the shigeharu fuzz is a beast on synths too btw.


Great. Wanna hear/see!


I’m sure someday I’ll record something but for now it’s just mostly for my mental well being and own pleasure. getting lost in your own improvisational jams and coming back to reality realizing you’re standing in a dark room as the sun went down hours before is a great feel.


Exactly my point!


Updated set up :black_heart:


Dig it. Lots of sound and modulation sources.


Honestly this is my favorite. Looks so usable


Thanks @Stoks @cold_fashioned the goal will be to sample as much into the OT to try and keep the live rig light.


Thanks a lot! I bought the frames from clicks&clocks (, ~ 200€) which I highly recommend. The shop is from a really nice guy, right next to my home.
The wood is from a building supply store and was around 100€.
Here is a build in progress picture:



Did it replace the stand on the left? So much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.


Dude… buy flight cases…


I just moved my set up to my desk at work, as I pretty much live here and often have a lot of free time in between other tasks.
My flat is just around the corner and I have the office to myself at night and can make as much noise as I like, so it made sense to just keep it all here and take the OP-Z with me if I want to work on stuff elsewhere.

The DOOM mask was a Halloween costume but helps me get into the mood if I wanna make hiphop beats for a change


Yes, it replaced the Jasper‘s rack and wanted my synth corner to be a bit more cozy at it is placed in my living room


This tray is perfectly sized! Been looking for something similar- where did you find it? Or did you make it yourself?


Couple reasons why that wont werk…

  • because of insane rent ive been selling gear to keep making rent, SF and Vancouver have the worst rents.
  • no room to store things. You get no space for your money. Small one bed in SF was 4-10k, and Van 2.5-6k.
  • in Van pay is much less than US and cost of living is higher.
  • we only have one income. I havent been able to find werk for the last three years

Rather than buy travel cases, im looking at tents and sleeping bags. Expecting ill be living in the street in the next two years.



Wow… tough life :confused:

I don’t have these problems but I do have a limited space and when on a budget I found that some cheap aluminium tool cases can be very useful (and you can store other things in them if not your instruments). I have one I didn’t even pay (found on the street, had to repair a bit) and I can fit a Digitakt and a TR-8S in it, plus cords & stuff. Still, I don’t think they can be as big as a SH-101.


@phaelam Wow, I knew renting in SF was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I live down in San Diego (county) where I already think cost of living and housing is insane and ridiculous. I hope things look up for you sooner rather than later.