Your setups


What are you using the launch control for?


It’s controlling the octatrack through a Kenton USB to midi box.
On the first 7 tracks faders are levels, I have filters and reverbs knobs, cue and mute buttons on every track except the last one which is the master, there I just have a DJ EQ and a comp


Nice, I didn’t realise such converter boxes exist. Opens up options!


Yeah, it’s super fun!
Mapping is a bit of a pain but it’s Worth it, you just need to know that, unless you program a bit yourself, I Don’t think there is a way to customize the range of the knobs, or to create “macro knobs” controlling multiple parameters.


Nice :slight_smile:

And a +1 for the cup of :coffee:


Haha, did it for the gram, no shame



I just got a Commandante C40 coffee grinder… Absolutely love it.


Just recently decided to join the madness! Bout to hit my first SuperBooth!!


A fellow musician/horticulturalist I see.


If you hook the MIDI Sprout up to the cannabis for sampling the Elektron boxes get high.


Careful those OLED displays don’t mess up your flowering cycle!


Best view ever


Gear for sale eh?


Do you even Metal, Bro?


Of course!


Live setup taking shape!! This is the electronic part of the drumset, sounds terrific.


Sat mourning setup, recently got the Octatrack; thing is a beast! Don’t believe the hype that it’s hard to learn, may have been true back in the day. So many resources to walk u through these days.

I won’t be performing anytime soon, but wacky sounds prevail with a small amount of time and effort. Really liking it!


Made a gallery of my studio on my website:

Added some background info about my workflow too.


hey, what desk are you using?