Your setups


DavyP, you hiring?


Holy smokes that does sound like Behringer hit the ball out of the park with the Deepmind and Neutron, I only have the latter but rest assured you will be having some serious fun with all those lovely toys :heart_eyes:


I was the same and turned my nose up to beringher stuff then thought I’d give it a go. Glad I did and can’t wait to see what I the Neutrons like. Watched the video of it on Sonic State and it sounds like it could be right up my street sound wise. And the Deepmind nails the type of sound I like nice and vintage so all good :slight_smile:


For sure. Just had a coffee and am going to spend the next few hours making patches:)


Well I have been asked to play some music in the activity room here so yeah I could hire an assistant musician :smile:


Same. Except I hate the idea of boxing things up because I’ve worked so hard getting everything plugged in, arranged and hooked up with midi and USB. My goal now is to become disciplined and focus on 2 or 3 items at a time and create music rather than spend hours rearranging, testing things and making templates.


Awesome view!


cheers, can be a bit distracting as well as inspiring!


All the best mate, hope your okay :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ll be fine :+1:. I did get caught on knicking a table for my room though. :grin:


Setting everything back up, after 9 months boxed up. Just need to remember where I put the box of cables.


How does it feel ? :wink:


It feels incredible.

I haven’t actually made a full track in 7 years.

Hoping this is the start of new beginnings & less anxiety/depression.

I just need to find those cables…hmmmm


Just relax and enjoy the sound :+1:we all here have this boxes full of cables , don’t we ? :joy:


Hehehe it would be nice if we didn’t have to deal with cables eh?Much more cleaner setup…


whats the table? :open_mouth:


last summer, we re-finished a room in our house which then became my studio. so when I moved in, I un-plugged all the power, audio, MIDI and CV connecting my studio, and threw it into a big pile on the floor. my wife almost vomited. something about the visual of it all, and the idea that I’d have to plug it all back in, just completely overwhelmed her.



I know that feeling well. Working on Kondo-izing my studio. Hopefully will never return to stacks of synths and endless spaghetti wires. Just not worth it to me anymore.


A couple times a year I’ll land a server room clean out, The mess from demoing can be overwhelming when lumped into that gnarly pile. Though those jobs are the most liberating in the end, it’s like a piece of art when back together.