Your setups


I have similar shelfing units from ikea - i used to have 2 full of singles, mostly hiphop, reggae, and jungle but have down graded to only 1.5. Each square holds approx 60-75 records, about 3/4 of a milk crate.





There’s around 900 cassettes, 2000 cds and maybe 1500~1700 vinyls in the pic. Haven’t counted them recently, but that’s a fair estimate. Sold my 7” and 12” singles when I quit djing a year ago. Bought more synths with the money.

The shelves for the vinyls are custom made by a carpenter friend and the cd-shelving is Elfa metal chassis and basic sawed mdf-board.



This is the bedroom my partner and I turned into our art studio. All of her supplies and tools are along the walls, and my instruments fit onto a small table I pull out to the middle of the room when I want to work in there.
I use one ak track for the digitakt for playable filter sweeps, the analog overdrive, etc.
I have one ak track hooked up to a contact microphone taped to the ak itself that I can drum with acoustically. I use the ak’s delay to loop the contact mic too.
I use the other two tracks as mono synths :smile:
Speaker placement isn’t ideal, had to move them angled up more simply because they were in my partner’s way.
I usually stand and play.

My birthday is coming up, got any ideas for gear I need? My partner needs ideas, and I’m fresh out, I feel covered.


I would say some acoustic treatment?




Nice setup!


I replaced my Digitakt with a Digitone I am much happier.


T3 <3 def a monster


is that tonelux mixer you have there? i almost went that route when i had some cash pre-2008. so customizable. it’s a bummer he doesn’t make them anymore but i think the market changed or something. probably an intense time consuming series of products to build/support.

i bet it sounds great though ay?


It is a Tonelux console. Paul is a friend of mine, and I pieced it together over a couple years starting in 2008. He ended up selling the company to a distributor who dropped the console modules and just did the 500 and rack stuff. Paul has a new company though, and is making modular consoles once again.



I didn’t like what I share first. This is my poor setup:) I know I need couple of studio monitors :slight_smile:


oh wow. didn’t know he sold the company. didn’t he design his own opamp or whatever? usually characterized as his version of the API 2520? if so i’m guessing he made a new one?

what’s his new company called?


This is his new company:

Fix Audio Designs


Just got my second Elektron box, here’s my rig now:


Sweeeet. How’s that Neutron? I’m eying one up for later next month…

(Does it come with patch / MIDI cables or do you need to get those separately?)


The Neutron has an incredible bang/buck ratio, and not just because it’s cheap. That thing’s got bang :stuck_out_tongue:
I love to use the second oscillator for modulation. The build quality is very good. Having a patch bay on the side is genius compared to the spaghetti nightmare that a modular is (and I know, I have a 12U too).

Only (very) minor con: the update procedure was a bit of a mess.

I don’t know about the cables, I bought it second hand (230€) and it came without cables but maybe there are some when you buy it new. My cables are braided, they come from ginko synthese. I replaced the knobs with roland aira knobs, because I prefer them.


My hotel room aka middle of no where setup: