Your setups


Still a bit under construction (like our whole apartment), but getting there slowly. Can’t imagine anything I’m missing except maybe a bit more guitar pedals and a couple of good romplers in a small rack.

I need to lug my big Fender amp home from our rehearsal space and fit it in the closet behind the guitars. Took a photo of the opposing wall too. It’s an inspiring environment with a few records to sample or be inspired by.


My minimal iOS setup as of late


“A few”


There is only approx 1000 records in the picture.


Are the record shelves self-built?


My dawless sanctuary.

(Please ignore the odd monitor placement)


I have similar shelfing units from ikea - i used to have 2 full of singles, mostly hiphop, reggae, and jungle but have down graded to only 1.5. Each square holds approx 60-75 records, about 3/4 of a milk crate.





There’s around 900 cassettes, 2000 cds and maybe 1500~1700 vinyls in the pic. Haven’t counted them recently, but that’s a fair estimate. Sold my 7” and 12” singles when I quit djing a year ago. Bought more synths with the money.

The shelves for the vinyls are custom made by a carpenter friend and the cd-shelving is Elfa metal chassis and basic sawed mdf-board.



This is the bedroom my partner and I turned into our art studio. All of her supplies and tools are along the walls, and my instruments fit onto a small table I pull out to the middle of the room when I want to work in there.
I use one ak track for the digitakt for playable filter sweeps, the analog overdrive, etc.
I have one ak track hooked up to a contact microphone taped to the ak itself that I can drum with acoustically. I use the ak’s delay to loop the contact mic too.
I use the other two tracks as mono synths :smile:
Speaker placement isn’t ideal, had to move them angled up more simply because they were in my partner’s way.
I usually stand and play.

My birthday is coming up, got any ideas for gear I need? My partner needs ideas, and I’m fresh out, I feel covered.


I would say some acoustic treatment?




Nice setup!


I replaced my Digitakt with a Digitone I am much happier.


T3 <3 def a monster


is that tonelux mixer you have there? i almost went that route when i had some cash pre-2008. so customizable. it’s a bummer he doesn’t make them anymore but i think the market changed or something. probably an intense time consuming series of products to build/support.

i bet it sounds great though ay?


It is a Tonelux console. Paul is a friend of mine, and I pieced it together over a couple years starting in 2008. He ended up selling the company to a distributor who dropped the console modules and just did the 500 and rack stuff. Paul has a new company though, and is making modular consoles once again.



I didn’t like what I share first. This is my poor setup:) I know I need couple of studio monitors :slight_smile: