Your setups


Hi, 6U Doepfer BS1, Oberkorn sequencer and a mixed 6u rack of other bits.


ah ok, but i meant what rack is it all sitting in?


You mean the actual 19" frame?


Yes thats the one, thank you!


well, after sitting in front of this view:

i found that it’s just a compromise between making tracks and jamming around. neither of those went really smooth, so i dedicated myself to a jamming / live setup that can be multitrack-recorded and a high-end-laptop running live 10 for making reproducable tracks start-to-finish.

it’s just amazing how time flies when sitting in front of a modular cable mess :slight_smile:


That blue knob on your analog heat… I am totally switching that knob. I think I’ve got a spare around here. I have grabbed that knob in error more times than is acceptable. Thanks for the idea


Tonight’s setup. Good evening people !


back in the days when i lived in Germany this was my little studio ,

then i moved toN Australia and it looked like this ,
10945035_420165241473455_3624853824608206392_n 10995919_420165228140123_7523988139862514737_n

because my brother went bankrupt 7 years ago and needed money, i sold my stuff to help him out .

Allways missed makeing music, but just software didnt make it for me , so i decided last year to start making music on hardware again and brought an AKAI MPC X, last week I got myself the Elektron Four MKII, and today i expect an parcel with the RYTM MKII :slight_smile:


what brand knobs did you use to replace on the heat?


Those look like Chroma Caps to me…



agreed but they don’t have elektron on their fit guide so i’m wondering more which type he used specifically


To the best of my knowledge, all Chroma Caps are designed to fit 6.5mm D shaft pots, and only the Super Knobs are offered in different Pot Position configurations. I see a couple Super Knobs in that picture, and a couple Thin Encoders. If that helps any…

I suppose I could just let dude answer your question (smirk).



cool thank you for the info , appreciate it


oh hey there, yup the ‘normal’ chroma caps from DJ techtools.
they are the ones i bought for my rane 62 dj mixer - check the fit for that.
i was happy that they fit this stuff as i sold that mixer for a pio S9 and these do not fit that.


word thank you


Welcome back!


mini setup in the living room


Gone minimal as I’m oot-and-aboot


This is it. Setup complete. I’m completely mind blown by the possibilities of the Organelle. It’s just so easy to set up and very intuitive. Apart from the visible stuff there’s an OP-1, Bluesky and Roland RE-20 hiding around. Endless fun.

Fun fact: The Keystep is powered by the Organelle via USB which also syncs everything AND reduces the extremely bright lights of the Keystep. Win-Win-Win


@horrrsing Haha “setup complete”! Good luck with that lol. Looks really nice tho. I sold my organelle right before they launched that multi patch update :sob: