Your setups


That looks like fun!


What kind of case is it. Selfmade?


Intellijel 4U 104hp. Really well made.

@J3RK It really is ! I get lost in those loops.


I looked into a missile silo that was for sale east of Seattle. This was about 15 years ago. It was listed on eBay. I was def interested in it, but It was too far away from Seattle for me to seriously consider buying.


Ha! I was looking at that same one! :smiley: Not 100% seriously, but thoughts were crossing my mind.


Or a lot of very long, tired and repetitive discussions about Overbidge and missing features.



Ha! I’d see my way out to the blue velvet room down the hall to seek out another vibe.


So what kind of music do you produce, @relapse808


BUNKER!!! Yes!

Listen to this cover, haha!
Ignore the video, the playhead is time stamped to play the song at the end…
BUNKER!!! :joy::joy::joy:


That’s kinda how I’ve imagined the Gothenburg headquarters… :smile:
At least in the Octatrack days before they remodeled…


Man this is nice! I’m not really into modular (besides the DFam) but was thinking of building a very small case for some glitchy effect processing.


Any video/audio of that? I’d love to hear it.


For the past year and a half, this small room in Booth’s flat has been the hub of Sean and Rob’s daily life: it’s here they crunch sounds around; burn tracks; absorb music from all the tapes, discs and vinyl they collect or receive; banter and smoke with whichever friends and associates drop by. The tools in this genial workshop are on display: assorted keyboards old and new; a mixing desk’s studded plateau; Apple Mac; devices apparently cadged from the army; a battered autochanger turntable used on a Kinesthesia remix for Rephlex (“That Grundig’s fuckin’ hardcore”, says Sean when I spill water on it}. On this array of electronic components the pair recorded their fourth album, Chiastic Slide, the title a cryptic reference to the mercurial qualities of the crossfader.

On the DJ panel or the mixing board, this little slider acts as the magician’s curtain, swishing from side to side to reveal marvels previously hidden. Only now, the way Autechre have engineered things, the curtains have multiplied, there are boxes within boxes, screens hiding screens hiding screens.

There are still technical limitations when they play live, but they’re more enlightened about ways of getting round them. “It’s just like DJing,” explains Sean, "but with 30 tracks and FX and all the other shit that we’ve got up there. But you couldn’t really write your next drum pattern while your present one was running, which is where we want to get."

"We could if we had different equipment," Rob amplifies. "But we opted for a really simple approach to the set-up we had on stage, but gave everything so many branches of branches of branches, you could virtually reshape the structure of what we were doing as long as we put enough there in the first place. What I’m trying to say is, we have so many loops all ricocheting around, if you know what you want in a certain place you just select it from a certain area of a certain loop, and you’re thinking about maybe five or six of these simultaneously. You’ve got a really amorphous set-up."


A work in progress…


Look at the Roland AIRA EFX line @RiddimFernandez


Thanks will do.


Not yet ! I did not bring a audio interface with me, but soon !


i had a rehearsel room in a bunker too about 20 years ago.
it even had a “echo chamber” nextdoors.
it was dead silent in it and you could do as much noise as you like day and night.
but not everything was great.
having no windows could be really depressing.
the first band that moved in there was a death-metal band and everything was black.
once i was in there alone when there was a power cut.
no torch - that was … really black :wink:


Ha ha, yeah I understand. This bunker has automatic lights that are activated when someone walks by. But the neon lights are pretty old so it takes about 15-20seconds of slowly flickering light until it’s gets fully illuminated. Reminds me a bit of resident evil, bioshock, doom and the likes…
Must remember to bring the super shotgun with me,… Just for the case that a baron of hell might appear


I work in Essen, are there any more rooms left?


I can ask the owner and get back to you. Pm me