Your setups


sequencer was the 1st reason why i interested in Command Stations. i’m a great fan of Yamaha RM1x, which has even better sequencer, but Command Stations are superior in sound and have multiple audio outputs (which is very handy for live mixing & multitrack recording). so Command Station became my primary workhorse.


New control room :slight_smile:
Acoustic DIY (mineral woll)
and Sonarworks reference FTW


Really cool setup! Wow, I’ve never seen the AR & A4 MKII in person… so I had no idea they were that huge! I own the MKIs and an OT MKII and seeing the new ones next the OT sure puts everything in perspective.


Yes they are ridiculous in size


Thanks @AlmaxMere!
Yes the new MKII are big, not so good for mobile setup, but perfect size for studio.


Not really a setup shot but I am sooo happy to finally have a dedicated room rented in a ww2 Bunker.
Great vibes for industrial techno.
Will take some time to do acoustic treatment but as I have to move it is perfect to “store” my toys.


holyyyy. where did you get that table? custom?


Yeah it is s supa dupa custom table.
Nah, it’s a 30€ wallpapering table. Does the trick and fits into the atmosphere


damn! lucky you!
My only wish in life is to have a space were I can be as loud I want


I dreamed of such a room for years. These bunker rooms rarely pop up for rent. I still can’t believe it’s within a 15min walk distance from my flat. Buy some drinks, enjoy the evening in the bunker. Perfect


So cool! Where is it?


Oh jeez. That’s just awesome.


Looks like a boiler room tv setup. Nice man


didn’t know they did nice hardwood floors for the war :wink:

sick spot! how very BoC.
that place looks amazing.


that’s basically the dream…


Can I come too?


Oh wow. So you have to give us details on this amazing location.


The military needed all the hard wood flooring, which is why it was rationed to the citizens. You could of course acquire some soft wood flooring on the black market if you knew where to look though. :grin:


This is insane! Stock up on food and water and supplies and never leave for weeks! :drooling_face:


You could really use a war room map and those little sticks to push your troops and tanks around with. :wink: