Your setups


I need something like this did you make it?


yes i did it :2operator 1flexwave Stroh pcb DSCN1647


I’m thinking about getting a dedicated headphone amp myself. Just out of curiosity, how would you connect the amp to your setup here? Do you notice any big change in sound with the amp vs. no amp?
Usually I listen to the main mix through the headphone out of my small Mackie mixer. But lately I’ve been noticing a noisefloor that’s significantly higher than on the main outputs, I fear it might even influence some of my treble mixing decisions.


Nice!! I bet that’s FM insanity! :smiley: Actually I have played that combination before, when I had two builds for people completed at the same time. I’d like to get back to designing PCBs again, but I’ve been a little burned out for a bit (day job, family, etc. come first) so I’ve put it aside for a bit. Hopefully I’ll be at it again sometime in the near future though.

Nice build!


I need plants and colorful fabric.


What is that flat keyboard? Not the apple one.


Agreed! Love it and wish I had a space like that here in NYC.


How is the sound conditioning working for you? Did you notice a lot of improvement? I’m thinking about getting a few corner bass traps.


I don’t usually connect the darkvoice amp and headphones to this setup but rather just let the monitors do the business. If I do though I connect to one of the two headphone outs on the Focusrite 6i6, which comes after the Analog Heat, which comes after the main outs of the Mackie mixer. I haven’t done any serious listening/mastering/mixing with this setup so can’t comment on the accuracy. I really only use the darkvoice amp and Senns for listening to recorded music, downstream from a DAC and my desktop computer.


regarding the new stuff since my last post:

so far the volante has been AMAZING at culling my needs for a real tape echo/delay. I was getting some decent results from the UAD plugs but nothing beats having hands on control so close to the modular side of my setup. I think strymon hit it out of the park with this one… the versatility of the large pedals but the ease of use of the smaller ones. processes the modular verrrrry nicely (and prevents me from OCD purchasing modules to fill the gaps in a new row)

will report back with results sequencing digitone from the op-z.


The irony of course being that very little of this is setup:


Vortex and MPX-1! Both are in my racks, as well.


yeah, Lexicon used to be in Waltham, MA right down the road from me.
So, they always seemed to have good deals on their stuff at Guitar Center back in the day.


It’s a CME X-key 37 - a beautiful piece of engineering made out of aluminium. It has velocity, polyphonic aftertouch and everything but the feel of the keyboard is more akin to typing an email than playing the piano. Still it’s perfect for programming melody lines into my QY-700.

I found mine from facebook’s marketplace for 15€ in its original box. But it turned out that it only had the USB-cable included and not the breakout cable for DIN-midi & expression, sustain-pedals. I started searching for one and since the X-key is discontinued, the only shop on the planet that had the cable in stock was Perfect Circuit Audio in California. I ordered the cable, which cost 25€ but on top of that I had to pay postage, import tax etc. worth 50€. So a 15€ great find midi keyboard turned into a 90€ midi keyboard in the end. Still a great find and I’ll never get rid of it after going through such trouble to get it.


When are you guys planning another Mars landing?


HAHA!! I would’ve still loved you hehe
Yea, Roberta Flack is a big name.
& I really like this album.


Thanks, yea it seem pretty compact plus the aluminum looks nice. I’ll look out for one on the used sites. looks like even with your aggravation, you got a pretty good deal:


Slowly, my setup forms.

I still need to solder or buy more cables. :smiley:


Great, made a MASSIVE improvement. Could hear the difference a trap at a time as I mounted them in my room. I used 8 traps 1200x600x150mm (CM486 from CM acoustics), and they are reasonably priced. Looking to get more for my living room


Second the benefit of traps.