Your setups


that’s right all killer, no filler


Longtime lurker/ appreciator of this thread – First time poster:
(Disclaimer: the Digitakt is my bandmate’s – Together, we are Xuiqen.)


euro starting to get it’s claws into me…
MD still holding its ground though.


Nice affordable Push cover indeed!


roflmao, yes. I sincerely wish everything were that straightforward. :laughing:


I like the replacement knobs on the DFAM. Those original wee black ones trouble me. :joy:


my little setup. only been in to making music (outside of drumming) for a year now, so still in its infancy. i built the flatboard myself. intentionally left plenty of space for more gear. i need to build a road case for it or have one custom made; it’d be a real joy to not have to carry so much gear separately and have to connect it all so often. the whole thing sits next to me while i’m behind the drums. it’s been great incorporating this stuff into the several bands i play with! box on the bottom right is a midiverb ii.


I love actual drummers who incorporate electronics into their sound.


Getting there slowly. Finally have my own space for synths. It’s been 10 days since moving in and finally I have my setup somehow in order. Still a lot of wiring to do before it all works.


Nice setup!
Really like the MD and MnM combo.


Nice, this reminded me of jamming at a friends house kitchen table with my wife and mate years ago. I noticed your user name has Swanage in it. Is that the place Swanage, Dorset? That was where I was reminded.


Tip: Logitech MX Ergo


that’s cool, but the portability of such rigs is very limited.
that’s why i mostly switched to finger drumming.


Current state of affairs


for me it’s sometimes weird making music in front of the TV.

i’ve done parts of the process on the laptop on the couch w/some random syfy or anime or long weird film going on and on and it puts me in a strange state sometimes.

what’s your experience like? have you done that a lot?


I love it! I was making beats on the OP-Z while lying on the couch watching NBA last night… the fact I can just pick something up and start creating at any time is very appealing


Granny used to pick her knitting needles up when watching the t.v too. :laughing:


That octatrack - digitone - digitakt line is very pleasing to the eye !


so avoiding the sorts of namm, forums and social media?
that must be considered straight edge in our community :slight_smile:


checked your replies for “but acoustic treatment and placement bruv!?” but found none. good.