Your setups


it’s kinda washed out, it’s silver. Acidlab Drumatix.

Mine is a late 2012 i5 quad.
It gets the job done. I like how the fan never makes any noise, even under heavy CPU load.


Nice , thanks for the information, i see that 2012 is the last model compatible with latest OS , so that will do.


Well, that’s good to know. I hadn’t checked. I’m still on Sierra and it works great.

I am using an SSD in a USB 3.0 enclosure with ASMedia chipset as the boot drive. This helps with making it feel like a new machine.


Ssd-es are great, why externall and not internally? Just preferences or there are restrictions with imac?


I retrofitted an ssd in ny 2010 iMac. You got to remove the screen, and motherboard to get to all the connectors. And there is no place to really mount it. I just taped it in place. He he. If I had usb3 on line, I would have gone external.


Aaa ok thanks, didn’t know that good
to know!


It is quite involved and easy to break the glass when doing the internal upgrade yourself. Heck, my wife’s iMac had a simple HDD swap by the Apple Store (dead drive, under warranty), and even THEY broke the glass on accident doing the swap. So she got a brand new drive AND new glass due to their goof.

Mine came with a 1TB HDD internal when I bought it (used).
Cost to upgrade it to internal SSD was $150 + the cost of the drive.
And I’d only be getting about 50MB/sec sequential read improvement (500MB instead of 450MB over USB 3.0). 6Gbps SATA III vs 5Gbps USB 3.0
So cost to benefit ratio wasn’t good enough, and it works perfectly fine as an external boot drive.
The key is make sure you have an ASMedia USB controller on the enclosure, to get full bandwidth for both read and write.

I use this one with a Crucial MX100 512GB SSD, and just have it velcroed to the top of the stand/arm on the back of the iMac. I use the internal 1TB for documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Another good thing about the 2012 iMac is it was the first with USB 3.0


@AdamJay Removing the glass is really not that bad. That people in Apple store must have done something stupid.
You just need to have suction cups. I used 2 of these car window holders for phones. :slight_smile:
If you ever get a video card malfunction on 2012 model it’s easy to repair yourself. my repair centre couldn’t fix it and suggested new gfx card butI’ve removed the board and placed it in an oven for a couple of minutes to resolder contacts. And working fine till this day. :metal:


hmmm… had never heard of people busting the glass trying this procedure. I have been considering it for my early 2009 iMac. now I’m kinda scared :anguished:


It’s quite easy, the screen is held by couple of small magnets in the top section. So just need suction cups and v. little force to pull the glass out. Well documented on youtube.


I don’t deny that it is easy for some people. But these are all just anecdotes.
However, what was much easier is just using an external enclosure :slight_smile:

YMMV, and mine being out of warranty wasn’t worth the hassle for 50MB/sec.


I’d like to hereby claim ifixit suction cups and a travel hair dryer as part of my setup.


If something is still under warranty, I let the manufacturer handle it. Let them risk it. Otherwise, I weigh up the cost to risk ratio and take it from there.


Same here.
The Apple tech said that the older the device is, the more difficult, more prone to mistakes.
Something about the adhesive hardening in certain spots differently.
Apparently iSight cameras get messed up on the regular, as well.
I’ve lost bluetooth on a 2009 MBP while replacing the battery. Things happen.

All I know is that if the person paid to do these things daily broke the glass, there is a good chance I, or my wife, would have done just as bad or worse after watching a youtube video and buying a kit.
Not worth it for me with a desktop computer.


Later iMac’s (2012 onward, sans CD-ROM) have the screen attached with double sided tape, which has to be replaced before reattaching the screen.

Replacement tape/tools can be bought as kits. Pretty easy to install an SSD drive once you’re in… appreciate opening up expensive electronics is not for everyone :slight_smile:


Focused setup on my desk. Secondary station. mixer outs are going to a stereo pair on my mtk 12. Reverb is on CD bus of MnM. Mixer send to h9->El capistan. Octatrack can sample any input from mackie or anything from mtk12 with or without some analog heat on the way into CD. AB is for phone YouTube or world radio sampling. Sm57 hiding in the corner.


jus interesting: why 50?
isn’t it better to finish 10 cool tracks than 50 average?


maybe he’s going for 50 cool tracks. NO average tracks.


Maybe he’s just going to buy more gear :rofl:
Just kidding


that’s right all killer, no filler