Your setups


Thanks! Nightfox
Looks cool but its actually terrible in the dark :slight_smile:


Having not posted before, thought what better first post than introducing the studio (playroom / dining room)

Since the kids came along, I now have to share my space which means it doesn’t get quite as much use as it once did.

Anyway just out of shot is the iMac / soundcard.


It is a Jaspers stand with 3 DIY pine tree trays.


Loving the old BOSS mixer


Mousepad takes to much space, push up sensisivity for a smaller pad to gain some space… :wink:


live rig (complete version — all input devices).
still not mounted properly. should be on a drum rack.




This is my current portable setup, sitting on my girlfriend’s kitchen table. It’s very fun and inspiring. I’m looking to put it all into a single case so that I can just plug it into the mains and start playing without recabling everything. Oh, and I’m gonna add a Digitone next!


Yeah it’s a great little mixer, great to add a bit of crunch.


at the end its just 3 wires: hdmi, usb and power.


Love the minimalism!


I’m honored the ‘aesthetics of poverty’ can spark such joy. :blush:

But seriously, though. It’s less about minimalism for me than wanting to concentrate on learning how to make things rather than acquiring more gear.

The Nord Micro Modular is boxed away and so the iConnectMIDI4+ has been returned. The Oplab is back in action again.

I do keep a running list of new and old gear that I may consider buying eventually. But under closer examination, I realize several of those things I could make or at least prototype the concepts in Max.


How do you like the SE-02? Was thinking about getting one. I have a SH-01a and absolutely love it…


I really respect that approach, awesome


It’s great. I’ve owned a lot of analogue monos and polys over the years, (had to sell up last year, so am currently rebuilding from scratch) - the SE-02 sounds up there with the best of them I reckon, and the build quality is great. The K-25M keyboard is a great addition for a Boutique module, but it sucks as a MIDI controller. But yeah, the SE-02 sounds huge, goes deep in terms of sound design, and 3 VCOs and “that” filter for an amazing price…hell yeah. Of course I don’t bother with the onboard sequencer cos I’m in the Elektron club. P-locking program changes on each step from the Digitakt = awesome


Thanks for that info! I’m basically sold on it now. Sequencing w/Digitakt is exactly what I plan to do…


A slight shuffle plus a couple additions.

I will not buy more gear until I finish fifty more tracks.
I will not buy more gear until I finish fifty more tracks.
I will not buy more gear until I finish fifty more tracks.


I’m considering getting a Templeboard for my OT, DT, DFAM, and AH so I have a couple of questions:

  1. Did you have to remove the rubber feet from your OT to mount it to the board?

  2. What size is yours? Looks big enough for my use case, but I might go up a size…

  3. Have you been happy with it now that it’s been a while?



My closet studio. It’s so tight I feel a bit cramped after a couple of hours. But it’s what I got at the moment. :slight_smile:


New record for smallest studio? Very capable selection of gear in the space though!