Your setups


It was one of my first as too, well the first proper synth anyway, after a few home pss Yamaha keyboards. Didn’t have it long before my brother took it but very pleased to have one again. A favourite.


Close, it looks like one but it’s the XD5.


i had a PSR-47! first thing i owned with MIDI… borrowed a JV-880 from my piano teacher to use with it and did some of my first tracks with samples from it.


well i think a lot of it is up the actual space you have available.
this is / was a cool idea by Nick Hook in his ATC, he has is work station on a rolling cart.

obviously this takes some wiring. but it would allow to move around some. ?


i am prospecting to buy a new flat so many things are possible. Only sure thing is that i won’t have a big dedicated room (>10m2)
Here is my corner right now. I won’t be able to expand much much more. Maybe a little mobile desk on my rear would be cool, following your proposal.
i consider moving it to the living room in order to sit in a bigger space.
Or if i stay in a small dedicated room, move my main desk in front of a window.


Nice. It’s those little early interactions that make all the difference to direction I feel.
My first midi keyboard was the Yamaha PSS480 which I started programming but I was 10/11 so did it really get it. I remember making some crazy sounds tho. Had that running through the Amiga and Music X, which was my brothers I think initially. I think he had the larger PSS720 with the drum pads.

JV880 tho, that’s pretty amazing. I quite fancy a 1080 now. My music teacher introduced this female artist whose voice sounded like an instrument. I know now that was Laurie Anderson :slight_smile:


Looks great.


Struggling with desk space. Under the desk is an Access Indigo 2.


beautiful setup! love the walnut shelving and desk and the hexagon wall tile/honeycomb. Just need some wood end cheeks for the OT i reckon :slight_smile:


can you tell us about that RME setup youve got hiding under your desk?


Mount the screen on the wall, pull the desk away from the wall (if you can) put those speakers on stands, voila plenty of desk space :wink:


Manny of you guys have this jbl 3 series monitors? Are they really that good like people say?


Yes :slight_smile:
I am a lucky owner of 2 RME m-32 AD racks providing 64 simultaneous TRS inputs and a m-32 DA for 32 TRS outputs.
Everything is hosted by the RME Madiface

I monitor thru a adi2-pro via the AES port of the madiface or via the madiface>>m-32 DA >> summing mixer(dangerous 2bus+)>> back to adi-2.

I can’t be happier with this setup.
Lots of work to define it and build it, loOots of work to get the money, but now it is here and i hope it will stay functional as long as possible :grinning:
Insanely happy to have instant access to all inputs and outputs!! Game changer for me for convenience and hardware/software integration


Magic the gathering :heart_eyes:


Latest iteration of the modular. Analog Heat is on top of the K-Mix on a magma stand. A new 104hp skiff might eventually appear on top of the 12u. Who knows…


nice setup. can you tell us what stands do you use on the left?


I like your cool (computer) keyboard!


Dig the minimal set up. Which is obvi not minimal at all, those machines all got plenty of complexity. But you know what I mean.


Ha! that’s awesome and the same for me. I moved away from the monthly studio I was renting with my band so now I’ve got “my area” in the living room with my wife also having “her area”. We even have nights of the week we “own” the living room, lol. Whatever works is what I say.


YO! I feel you on missing my acoustic drums. Just nothing like the real thing. Too expensive now for me to be droping $800 a month for a glorified closet to play them in. I just go to the jam place with a drum room for $12 an hour. Good to get the drummer gitters out but still weird not having my own kit to rock on. How do you like the mesh heads compared to the acoustic? Also, were you on EM411 years ago?