Your setups


Yeah, the circuits lend really for soft distortion and heavy saturation.

Here are 3 mastered tracks and a bunch of live stuff and random tracks all using the BX-8.

Hope you can pick one up cheap and in good condition! Clean is key.


3 Nord Lead 4s?! Wow.


Haha no only 2. I have to keep mixing up gear to use them due to desk space. We’re renovating so should have loads of room later in the year :grinning:


Good stuff!
Yeah I spotted a nice bx-8 and a bx-16 on eBay …
Thanks for your help!


you can send me all of the stuff you dont work with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Iv’e just put a few things on eBay after seeing what I’m wanting after Namm 2019 :joy::joy::joy:



Do you sketch or write on a notepad while listening to your loops?


No, never. Why?


This is my latest gear layout - centered around synths this time and not an Elektron box in sight. (they are safely tucked away elsewhere)


Only for OT, otherwise I’m Donald ducked.


Looks like a cool desk to grab a piece of paper and draw while a sequence plays.

Just wondering that’s all


Work in progress since just moved to london. Getting the acoustic treatment was a huge improvement to the room, so I spent less on the monitors but no complaints on the HS8s anyhoo. Somewhere ina shipping container is a sp16, manther, as1, Lyra 8 and DFAM. I’m going to see what fits on the desk and sell what doesn’t. Quite like the DJ stand for working. Fill the walls with art and I’m good.


Love the stand up idea.


thats to clean


what is that box to the left of your instruments?
some type of power conditioner?


In time it will be a clutterfuck but tbh I love the way it looks now.


You have a good eye my man, that is a DAV compressor which feeds the monitors.


Indeed. I don’t truck with djs but they enjoy an ergonomic advantage IMO. Also, whatever doesn’t fit the podium has to go. I need limits.


You will knock the most amount of heat with that setup. Everything else will crowd your mind.

Look a squirrel! Bye