Your setups


Temporary setup until my skiff powered to take the Fusion vacuum tube modules arrive. Paired up the Polymath with a Drum Sequencer :smile:

Seems pretty minimal after offloading all my other gear :slight_smile:


Maybe less will be more…? Lol who knows with you, @DavyP! Hehe

Who is the figure in the top right? I saw a oversized collectors edition Megatron the other day that I have been dreaming about ever since and trying to convince myself I don’t need it. Your posts always seem to talk to the devil on my shoulder :rofl:


Can’t wait to retire :smile:


The all black theme there is really quite stunning. What cases are on the bottom? Intellijel in black, or are those from Erica Synths?


Those are Erica Synths Techno Systems, so from Erica Synths :wink:


That’s Zelda from the famous game ‘Legend of Zelda’


Ouch. That’s LINK!!! LIIIIIINK!!! Zelda is the princess!!! :grinning:


Haha it only took 2 minutes! Well done :stuck_out_tongue:


do you have 3 of the same erica synth sequencer? what’s your plan there?


What’s anyone’s plan there? You could transition well with that setup or just look really dope.


What’s anyone’s plan there? You could transition well with that setup or just look really dope.

i’m just curious. usually people have pretty solid reasons for doing stuff like that in modular. i have multiples of some of my favorite modules but the erica drum computer is pretty deep/capable so having three… well… dats a lotta drumzequencing! so. i’m curious. what drum voices will accompany them etc.


Yeah I don’t see the need of all that but it’s awesome lol


Tell me you wear a lab coat in there!


Nice style man. 2001 next level up.


Was he born wearing that cap?


After gigging every few months and dragging around seven or eight pieces of gear or more for about a year and a half, I’m really looking forward to this trio. :robot:


Trying to figure out what I really need. And nothing more.


Cool machines and all; but man I always find the decoration around them also very telling. The framed pictures are cool!
A very simple thing - hanging pictures on the wall next to the synths - but such a huge gamechanger for the creative atmosphere, you know.


Exactly! Environment changes everything. Too much clutter, too much gear is a downer for me IMO. :robot:


Still eleven days until moving to a new home. Got all my synths packed away in the bedroom corner, but every now and then I just need to take a few of them out to have a small bedroom jam session. Can’t wait to get everything in the new home and in their new places, jamming on a bed is not ergonomic at all.

QY-700 is a beast. I’m thinking of splitting it so that the first 16 midi channels control the ”drums” eg MachineDrum and Digitakt and midi-channels 17-32 will control MonoMachine, Analog Keys and Digitone. The Octatrack and OP-1 feel a bit left out, but I think i’ll dedicate the OT to effect/mixer-duties and OP for noodling/fooling around on the sofa.

After moving I guess I need a few days off from work to rewire everything and put my vinyl collection back in alphabetical order. Whew! Can’t really wait.