Your setups


and he’s got his sister daisy as backup!!!

tupac and biggie smalls!


They are really cute Gangstas :)!

and nearly forgot to say: HF with your techno twins :)!!


:astonished: where did you get a picture of me?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A shed?
This opens so many questions for me.
Is it heated? Are the doors secure? Did you purpose build it for a studio?
Is it on a concrete slab?
I don’t think that would be a viable option where I live, with real winters and all.


I call it a shed, but it’s like a house extension. So yes it’s built on concrete, has triple glassing, heat, spot lights etc.

It was originally built as my wifes office. We ordered the biggest one they make, so I started moving in some of my instruments.

So when Mrs P was working I would be doing my thing. She was not receptive to my thing! (Don’t know why? :thinking:)

So she moved out to the spare room in the house and left me in the shed.

Which is where i make my sounds :slight_smile:


putting this hybrid video/audio rack together. downsized my euro cause the A4 covered all those bases (and more). preliminary fitting seems to work, just need to get some right angled adapters and cables. OT will sit in front of this for capturing/mangling.


Honestly think you should do a thread about the shed (shed thread) and maybe some pictures of the outside and details on the build etc. I think we all have some fascination with it.


thanks for explaining that. I’ve also been curious if it is indeed a shed!

I’m in a similar situation, it sounds. the previous owners of our house partially built an extension over the former (slab concrete) patio, to turn it into an extra room. we recently finished this and it’s become my studio space. it’s nice because it’s technically “outside” the main part of the house, so it’s relatively isolated, sound-wise, and I can make a decent amount of racket without bothering my wife :+1:


How do you use the Visual Cortex in your setup? I’ve read somewhere that one of the dimensions of video can’t be controlled with audio range signals (horizontal?) but do you control the visuals in some way with the Analog 4?


Thought I’d share this because it’s a really good view of my current setup. The only things you can’t see are my Roland XP 50 off to the right. Quadraverb is tucked under the laptop.


VC is like a self contained video synth on it’s own. I use it mostly to feed a video signal in and out which i can then manipulate. there are some ramp waveforms on VC to use for minimal pattern generation but i typically use lfo’s and oscillators to provide modulation. the horizontal sync rate is above most analog oscillator frequency levels so video rate oscillators come in handy there (which I don’t have). truthfully, i haven’t used the A4 to cv any video stuff yet, which was one of the reasons i wanted to put this case together. I’m hoping to use its sequencer for beat synced type things.

this page has some useful info for combining euro and video modules




The gear and one of the studio cats. The rig isn’t completed but it’s almost there… only 4 more things to pick up! Trinity + Heat + Alesis ION with EFX RMX1000 + Strymon Bigsky & Timeline. Glad to see I’m not the only crazy person with a ton of Elektron gear. I had more but I couldn’t justify holding onto my digitakt.


Did you record any of that?


What a beautiful cat


Yes, I recorded the first part of the jam (Grendel + monotribe) on tape with the walkman,
But I still didn’t listen to the result.


New years re-org!


Thanks! He’s a stinker.


How do you like the pio effects unit?
I think they would be sweet for builds and breakdowns… I was considering the cheaper version but picked up a digitone instead.

Does anyone think that there is a similar unit to glitch out your audio that is similar to these pioneer remix units?


I like it because I can focus efx on low, mid, or high. I actually bought this from a donation auction that was selling Linkin Park’s old gear… this was 1 of 5 that they used on stage. This was after his suicide… So I was kinda pumped about the RMX1000. I use it daily though… so it isn’t any sort of collector item or anything. It’s really great for transitions, breakdowns, builds etc. Also, I use it to fill in some drums when I can and if it sounds right.