Your setups



Nice one, dude. Great board. Good luck getting those pedal plates off the bottom of your Octatrack, though… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I sacked all of them off my Templeboard and ended up going back to velcro; horrid things to take off.


Awesome! Where did you get the wooden ends for your DT/DN? What’s the lil modular-lookin’ box you’ve got there?


  • Digitakt. Sequences the Dominion 1 sometimes.
  • Digitone.
  • Dominion 1. Doubles as the MIDI controller of the setup.
  • Eurorack skiff with Maths. I plan to get the ES-8 when it’s back in stock, no plans for more modules until I learn enough.
  • iConnectMIDI4+. Practical MIDI router.
  • Tascam LM-8ST. Simple line mixer.
  • Beyerdynamic DT770.
  • IKEA table.

This my transition HW jam station, I also have an ITB setup (MBA + TonePort GX + Adam A5X Studio monitors + KeyStep) but I’m merging them for an hybrid workflow. The idea is to have everything in the same table and to have less things.

So far I’ve sold my beloved Virus B and the KeyStep. I also plan to sell my TonePort GX since it only has a mono input and the line mixer to get an audio interface with more inputs instead (Maybe a used MOTU UltraLite).

I’m also thinking about selling my Big Sky which is not in this picture. I’m considering using VSTs for effects instead.

Finally I’m considering maybe selling the Dominion 1 to get a smaller semi-modular and a MIDI controller that I can get from under the table. But IDK…


Yeah you gotta be sure you are gonna keep stuff around, i did get it off my ju-06 before i sold it, so it can be done,…but it is a pain in the ass.


Everyone has room to breathe


2018: everything is wireless :nerd_face: How are the tiny Yamahas performing? Thought about getting them as rear speaker for quadraphony


Oh that peak and SL combo. Too sexy man


I really like them. Perfect the small room I’m in.


That’s funny - I can barely get them to stay on my DT/DN/Heat. Though, my setup is a little different than standard. With the rubber feet on the elektron boxes, I use different screws to thread into the templeboard plates. I think a leverage is set up which slowly pulls the plate off the boxes. I recently put some cardboard underneath the plates to give them something to push against, in hopes that it will keep them from self-removing. I probably did a crappy job of explaining that, but maybe you could use that as a tip for removing the plates when you’re done.


It’s a company called Mus Wood but somehow the website doesn’t work anymore. The little box is a Doepfer Dark Energy - highly recommendable!


Digitone & Sony WM-D6C cassette walkman


Yeah i remove all rubber feet. You want it as flat as possible. When you start screwing it in your way you’ll start unsticking them.


I didn’t have the guts to remove the feet from my elektrons yet… :grimacing:


Nice clean look.
I’d bring the two elektrons front and center of the desk, have the peak and laptop right behind them.
No cricks in the neck.


Uff reworked the midi cabling today. You NEVER have enough wine when you do that!


I’m loving the imitation grass and the birch (aspen?) mural.


The first rule of Synth Club is: You do not think about selling DOM 1!


I can see from your pic that you are faithful to the DOM 1 :pray:


Oh yeah, she’s the Queen! And the main bass source of our crappy middle age man band!

Edit: congrats to me for 5k post on this thread!