Your setups


the ah qu pac, for me the pinnacle of my dawless setup, if I only would have known that more early I would have avoided those analog mixers :wink:


The AlBook is just a music player anymore. Still holding strong in that regard almost 15 years later. I suppose I could break out some old Reaktor patch and rock it though :slight_smile:


Is that some type of sequencer to the right? I’m looking for a cv sequencer for my neutron


No, That is a Koma feldkitfx. I mainly use it as a mixer in my modular chain.


Yeah I have terrible option anxiety. It’s a nightmare but I can literally never sell anything. May have to put some in the closet…


do it…youll find how awesome it is.

i sold a lot [that was hard but i had to] and then put the rest away. and do not allow myself to use more than three bits of gear.

liberating…and productive


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Here is my current setup, which is actually more focussed with patch sampling and sound design than production these last 6 months. 1000% more effective for paying the bills, plus makes music purchases viable for tax claims.

Have recently been digging back into the MD/MM as a standalone setup though. Combined with J Valer’s MegaCommand & Guga’s old SFX-JII mono machine joystick, that setup has modern levels of performance power.


This is gold :joy:


I see, you have a GR-1 in your setup. Is it worth the money? Can you use it in a musical way?

Sorry for being offtopic.


Uhm, I hope to understand your question right. So how am I using it? As a mixer with paired stereo inputs for my synths and at the moment one stereo aux for my specular tempus. And also as a stereo or track recorder for my songs/tracks, so no additional recorder like my zoom r8 required. Its a real joy to work on and with the Qu, as you got a touch screen which grants easy access to all parameters and it also shows everything you need to know like graphical eq, noise gate, inputs and output levels… All in a very convenient way. I dont look back because this mixer gives you a high degree on customization which no analogue mixer I owned could. Flexibale routing, definable group, etc. … And it just fits my style of fiddling since the whole GUI is easy to understand…


Hi Kari, for me it is worthy for sure. Its as musical as any other synth (for making pads i find it abosolutlly beautiful) but it can also be used to make crazy randmom staff) In my gigs i use it as normal synth for pads with that granular taste and a lot of external reverb. But I also use it at the studio for ambient randomness …but i know what you mean…the videos about it are mainly random stuff…but like i said you can play it as a normal synth and use the granular síntesis to make nice pads or leads too.
hope this helps


Many thanks - seems to be a very flexible solution. My reason for asking is that I’m running analog myself but looking into hybrid solution.


Doubletone. Nice!


Thanks a lot! Exactly what i was hoping to hear :slight_smile: I have to get one of these but it seems that they are out of stock everywhere. I have so many ideas to try out with granular, like sending a few sound grains into a comb filter or a resonatorand then through the Big sky.__




Yeah… I’m glad that helped… I preordered it … is almost impossible to get one second hand …
It took like 9 months for me … like a baby… :joy:… but it was worthy…


Needed to move my stuff from the big table and found the perfect “stand” for my current dawless setup by accident. I can move the thing around and just need one power socket to work with it.


Yesterday’s rehearsal setup :

sounds like this :


Just getting this little area setup. Had to box the bass station II back up because it’s technically a Christmas gift. Ran it through my Digitone’s reverb as a quick test and it’s nice! Stand is MDS-100 , looking sharp with the Virus C.